News digest 11 June 2011

News digest 11 June 2013

11 June 2013

Today’s digest opens with Unite making the call to defend safety at work with a lobby at parliament. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “It is a disgrace that construction workers wake up each day to face the prospect of being injured seriously, falling ill or even dying while the Tories mock health and safety. It is a outrage that the government essentially considers saving lives as a burden on business.” Unite – along with Ucatt – is today urging MPs to the call to strengthen health and safety laws across the country, not abolish or weaken them. The centre pages of the Morning Star see Len and assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail outline how the Con-Dems are putting ordinary workers’ lives at risk.

And talking of construction Thames Water features in a lot of the papers. While the company says bill payers across London will have to pay more as it builds a new super sewer – the company is taken to task for tax dodging. Britain’s biggest water firm yesterday admitted it will dodge corporation tax for years. Despite announcing annual profits of £549 million the company has not paid a single penny in corporation tax as it writes off investment in its network such as the super sewer, even Ofwat has called water companies “morally questionable”, with actions like that there’s no argument there, but there could be change afoot as the Guardian does report that four in 10 people may consider boycotting firms over their tax affairs…

And the Daily Mirror continues its analysis of the champagne lifestyles of the FTSE bosses raking in millions while their workers struggle to make ends meet. The greed list showed that in 2012 the bosses were paid on average 349 times more than their average employee, many of whom rely on tax credits just to get by. Time for some shareholder action on remuneration, it really is time to close the pay gap.

And that pay gap has got ever wider as there’s coverage of the latest TUC research which shows that pay packets have shrunk by £52 billion in the last five years. Workers have been hit by below inflation pay rises, reduced hours and a cut in well paid jobs. That won’t get the economy moving, time to raise the minimum wage, challenge corporate greed and bring life back to our high streets.

And talking of divides many of the papers also look at a report into health in England’s local authorities. The report shows a strong divide between north and south in the rate of premature deaths with nine out of the top 10 places to die before aged 75 in the north. With local authorities now taking ever more responsibility for health the cuts from central government can only be expected to strengthen that divide. The NHS will be 65 next month, let’s make sure it has a bright future where care is for all and not just for the wealthy...

 Morning Star

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Lloyds bank selling scandal (p1)
  • Higher bills for Thames Water customers (p1)
  • Yeo hands over chair (p6)
  • Hammond signals birth of ‘Ofcom for defence’ (p35)
  • [Bill] Gates backs G4S (p37)
  • Bank stakes can be sold at lower prices (p41)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Brussels bailout rules to frustrate RBS ‘bad bank’ plan (p1)
  • MoD lays plan to outsource kit buying (p2)
  • Outlook for jobs ‘firmly positive’ (p3)
  • Three boroughs sign ‘radical’ outsourcing deal (p4)
  • Thames Water provokes outrage (p17)
  • Michelin plans to cut 730 jobs (p18)
  • Gates foundation invests in G4S (p22)
  • Blow for Punch (p23)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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