News digest 9 October 2014

News digest 9 October 2014

09 October 2014

Today’s digest opens with a business story with many of the papers reporting that Brussels has given the go ahead for Britain’s plans to build an new nuclear power station in Somerset. The new Hinkley Point C will cost £24.5 billion to build (original estimates stood at £16 billion) and was welcomed by Unite national officer Kevin Coyne: “This is great news. The go-ahead at Hinkley Point will deliver thousands of skilled jobs in the construction, manufacture and operation of the power station. Nuclear power is a key part of a balanced, low carbon energy policy. This fires the starting gun on a nuclear renaissance and will hopefully pave the way for more power stations which will, in turn, generate more skilled jobs.” The move could see a whole new wave of nuclear power plants to bridge the UK’s energy gaps bringing the possibility of tens of thousands more jobs.

However, it was not all good news on the economic front as the sudden closure of Blackpool airport planned for early next week will see 120 jobs gone at the 105 year old airport [odd the owners didn’t wait to see if a rescue plan could be implemented], and a KP factory in County Durham also faces closure [say goodbye to Phileas Fogg crisps], while Heinz announced it plans to close its Norwich-based Aunt Bessie’s plant with the loss of 200 jobs [say goodbye to potato croquettes], the Times quotes Unite national officer Julia Long bemoaning the company’s closure plans: “It is particularly concerning that Heinz is planning only 45 days to consult on their closure plans. This is a direct consequence of the current government’s law change which allows companies to walk away from communities in a matter of weeks.  We would urge Heinz to think again and work with us to find another solution.”

Away from the economy and the main political story of the day was Nick Clegg’s speech to the Lib Dem party conference, the summing up in the press is pretty poor and even the Guardian – much more supportive of the Yellow Tories – has harsh words for the Lib Dem leader with Martin Kettle saying there may be a hung parliament in 2015, but there won’t be Lib Dems in coalition [let’s hope Clegg and co.’s vote collapses], but it is still not good news for Labour leader Ed Miliband with more speculation over his leadership – although oddly the Express says Labour is “lumbered” with Miliband until the election, maybe the right is fearful of an actual leadership plot, what is odd is that many papers neglect to mention that Labour has regained a lead in the polls, albeit by a paltry two per cent.  And talking of polls it looks like there will be no celebrations for prime minister David Cameron’s birthday today [well maybe a few bottles of red wine this afternoon on past evidence] as Tory turncoat and Ukip candidate – and likely first elected MP – Douglas Carswell is expected to win today’s Clacton by-election, while that could bode badly for Cameron’s leadership, it will be the result of the yet to be called for Rochester and Strood by-election with another Tory turncoat – Mark Reckless – that could be expected to give the prime minister a bloody nose [in contrast to a red one], that by-election is set to take place in November…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Not a Clegg to stand on (p2)
  • Labour go to war over child benefit (p4) [NEC split claims]
  • Carswell to win Clacton (p4)
  • War on Ebola (p9)
  • Cut price Xmas (p33)
  • Airport’s terminal (p49) – Unite/Dave Kennedy cited
  • Power grab at nuclear plant (p49) – Unite cited



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron resists calls for Ebola screening (p1)
  • Farage prepares for landmark victory (p2)
  • Labour tax plans will kill votes, says donor (p6)(p)
  • I’m here to stay says Clegg (p14)
  • Labour losing grip on core voters – Jenni Russell (p30)
  • Balfour’s crash landing in Blackpool (p43)
  • Aunt Bessie waves Norfolk goodbye (p43) – Unite/Julia Long cited
  • Balfour’s crash landing in Blackpool (p43)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Brussels go ahead for Hinkley plant (p1/4)
  • Ukip finds fertile ground (p2)
  • Bankers fear new rules will scare off talent (p3)
  • Cost of Air France KLM strike put at €500m (p24)

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