News digest 7 March 2014

News digest 7 March 2014

07 March 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Lies, spies, cover-ups and corruption – Stephen’s betrayal by the police exposed - Mail

·                Stephen Lawrence case: Theresa May orders inquiry into police spies - Guardian

·                TV QC supports legal protest - Mirror

·                John Lewis staff cheer bonus payout - Express

·                Loss-making RBS to give millions in shares to executives – Guardian

·                Willie Walsh's total pay soars to almost £5m at International Airlines Group - Guardian

·                Cameron’s selfie social media fail - Mirror

The top story in almost all the papers is summed up best by the Daily Mail headline: “Lies, spies, cover-ups and corruption – the sickening extent of Stephen Lawrence’s betrayal by the police exposed.” Effectively there’ve been two decades of shameful police lies over the handling of the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation with allegations of corruption, a police cover-up and the fact that undercover police regularly lied to the courts. The Mirror sums up Doreen Lawrence’s response: “You can’t trust them.” It is shocking, sad and wrong and for many restoring confidence in the police will remain a long haul, if such a high profile case saw such levels of outright obfuscation, could there be many others languishing in prisons across the country and families who have not had closure after investigations served the authorities not the victims?

Still on the legal front and the Morning star reports on the bid to overturn the decision to deny Rene Gonzalez - the only freed member of the Miami 5 - a British visa. The bid was sadly refused by a court yesterday. Today sees the start of the (sold-out) International Commission of Inquiry into the Miami 5 and how to help free those that remain in prison in America. More on the campaign from the Cuba Solidarity Campaign

And still on the law and those that may be denied justice may also be denied representation. The Mirror, Morning Star and Guardian report on the latest round of action by lawyers who will be downing tools – or wigs as the case may actually be – as they fight to halt the £220 million cuts to legal aid.

And there could be even more cuts on the way as the front page of the FT reports that chancellor George Osborne has a £20 billion black hole in his budget as the recovery will not eliminate the deficit, the headline says there is expected to be more pressure on welfare, but what about the City fat cats and their bonuses?

Well, actually there was some good news for ordinary workers as John Lewis and Waitrose announced bonuses for their staff with all staff gaining a 15 per cent bonuses out of the £202 million bonus pot. Nice to see it trickling down to ordinary workers but as ever while staff see an extra £2,000 on their £14K salaries the boss gets a £123K bonus on top of his £825K salary. Doesn’t seem so equal now…

Then again RBS is poised to hand out big rewards to its senior staff despite a cumulative loss of some £45 billion, so that is definite rewards for failure, and if you didn’t think boardroom excess was back then just look at Willie Walsh from IAG which as seen his pay soar to £5 million after the airline returned to profit, odd that he gets a massive pay rise while those that do the work see swingeing pay cuts, pilots and crew have seen cuts of some 15 per cent. Not very fair or very clever…

And finally not very clever is prime minister David Cameron who took to Twitter to show his concern over the Ukraine crisis, posting a Twitpic of him on the phone to US president Barack Obama, however rather than the hoped for gravitas the PM has been lampooned, very much a case of a twit being pictured….

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  • Lawrence spies face inquiry (p1)
  • Lawyers down tools over legal aid cut (p2)
  • Judges throw out Gonzalez appeal (p3)
  • Protest ask for public East Coast (p5)
  • Venezuela marks anniversary of Chavez’s death (p7)
  • The arms dealing company taking over our NHS  - Solomon Hughes (p8)
  • Miami 5 Commission (p10)

  Daily Mirror

  Sun  (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Ukip full on Nazis says Tory (p2)
  • Twit Cam’s laughing talk – Ukraine crisis (p7)
  • Barclays branches switch off TV news on bonuses (p9)
  • BA chief’s pay a £5 million sore point (p56)
  • Stobart’s son now at wheel (p56)
  • 15 per cent pay boost at John Lewis (p56)



  Times  (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • ‘You can’t trust the police’ (p1)
  • Ministers must come clean on migrant home help (p2)(p)
  • We can’t protect everyone from floods, experts say (p14)
  • Labour fires salvo against big energy companies (p19)
  • Ukraine on edge of break up (p34)
  • John Lewis staff share £202 million bonus (p43)
  • New look for Stobart (p43)
  • Pilots vent anger at IAG chief’s pay rise (p45)
  • Osborne accused of fatal blow for UK coal (p47)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne faces £20 billion black hole (p1)
  • May orders public inquiry into Lawrence case (p2)
  • Shell joins push for Scottish no (p4)
  • Aviva acts to tighten controls (p18)
  • Tata Motors in talks over China tie-up (p19)
  • Cigarette makes surge on deal talks (p22)

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