News digest 6 December 2013

News digest 6 December 2013

06 December 2013

The top story in all of the papers is the sad death of Nelson Mandela, aged 95, after a long illness. Words cannot express the influence he made on the whole world. Mr Mandela's body will lie in state for three days in Pretoria before a funeral is held next Saturday (14 December) in Qunu, the village in Eastern Cape where he was born. RIP comrade, you will be remembered for teaching the world the meaning of forgiveness and forging a better future for all.

And from a better future to a more troublesome one as chancellor George Osborne laid out his plans and forecasts for the UK economy, heralding a so-called return to growth and a responsible recovery while the right wing press laps it up, the reality is that people are not feeling the recovery has reached them. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “The chill wind of George Osborne’s statement will blast generations to come and put family budgets in the deep freeze as the cost of living crisis deepens. This chancellor is ‘King Con’. His ‘responsible’ recovery is nothing of the sort. Turbocharged by crippling levels of personal debt, it fills the wallets of the wealthy while food bank use soars. The autumn statement was an opportunity for the government to say we back the people of Britain. Instead … Osborne delivered a ‘work until you drop’ demand to our young and took the axe to services we rely on and hold dear. Working people tell us they are borrowing £660 per month, not for luxuries but simply to get by. Where was the help for them today? This miserable statement means an unhappy Christmas for ordinary people and more needless pain for years to come." Most ominously for Osborne the FT coverage is ‘concerned’ arguing that there is little sign of the economy rebalancing, but its main headline is: “Improving figures mask deep problems.” Ominous for Osborne indeed.

And talking of deep problems the Record has been taking a look at disgraced MP Eric Joyce’s expenses after it emerged he has racked up more than £71,500 in expenses. Joyce has spoken just seven times in the Commons in the last year, making him one of the least active MPs in parliament, although the paper notes he was a regular in its bars until he was banned from buying drink in them. Time to resign.

And talking of raising glasses, it is good news for #jackspetition calling for an urgent debate on food poverty, which broke the 100,000 mark yesterday and now stands at over 103,000, if you haven’t added your name, do it now and then donate to the Unite Christmas appeal.

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  Daily Mirror

  Daily Record

    Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

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  • easyJet chief pay doubles (p65)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 (p1-12)
  • Official warning on debt takes gloss off chancellor’s boast (p18)
  • Autumn statement (pull-out)
  • easyJet chief paid £6 million (p53)
  • Jaguar on prowl in Brazil (p53)



·         • All the latest reaction to Nelson Mandela's death (p1)


  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Nelson Mandela: The inspirational father (p1/14)
  • Autumn statement coverage (p2-10)
  • Post flotation share sales soar (p21)
  • Qantas targets A$2 billion in cuts (p22)
  • JLR to build Brazil plant (p26)
  • RBS unwinds troubled assets (p27)

  Morning Star

  • A great day for the super-rich (p1)
  • IDS admits he will miss universal credit target (p3)
  • Students lash out at protest crackdown (p5)
  • Qantas to axe 1,000 jobs (p7)
  • Where is the justice in food bank Britain? – Bernadette Horton (p8)

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