News digest 5 September 2013

News digest 5 September 2013

05 September 2013

Syria again dominates many of the front pages with world leaders trading threats before the G20 summit in St Petersburg today. The Times leads with US president Obama calling on the world to fight Syria’s “barbarism” while the Indie says Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin are poised between confrontation and co-operation with Putin signalling that he will take action if America strikes at Assad. With the war in Syria over two years old international development secretary Justine Greening argues ‘Syria’s people need us now’ in the Guardian, but the majority of the press focus on the Obama/Putin dynamic while UK prime minister David Cameron seems rather isolated and excluded from the debate.

Cameron still seems to be seething over Labour leader Ed Miliband’s actions in last week’s recall of parliament, and Martin Kettle of the Guardian argues that while Miliband was good on Syria he'll soon be given a Kinnock-style kicking as the Tories turn the attack dogs on the leader of the opposition.

Miliband may however have other things on his mind as many of the papers focus on the proposals from the GMB to slash funding to the Labour party. The front page of the Mirror splashes with the headline ‘Labour’s cash crisis’ as the ongoing spat with unions could cost Miliband millions in funding and Dominic Sandbrook in the Mail sums it up as: ‘Miliband may have signed his own death warrant.’

Away from Westminster and the focus is on the economy, many of the papers focus on a surge in the services sector arguing this may herald a rise in interest rates, but of more concern seems to be the two tier nature of the recovery. A number of papers highlight the rising north-south divide, the Mirror notes that only four of the 50 worst job black spots are in the south with Middlesbrough and Glasgow having the worst unemployment rates in the country at over 30 per cent.

And while the Mail bemoans human rights meddlers coming to the UK to check out the inequities of the bedroom tax, work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith is taken to task over his welfare reforms which are not just a mess, but a very costly one. If there is ever someone that deserves to lose his job it is the self-styled quiet man laying waste to the welfare state…

 Morning Star (no links website being revised)

  • GMB pulls Labour funding (p1)
  • Over 50 per cent of universities offer zero hours (p3)
  • Tory Johnson assault on low rents (p3)
  • Unions turn to labour to halt anti-union bill (p3)
  • FTSE 100 director pensions’ soar (p3)160,000 say no to Royal Mail sell off (p4)
  • RMT vows to take Miliband to task (p5)
  • One Housing group workers walk out for third time (p5) – Unite/Nicky Marcus cited
  • Four more jails to close (p5)
  • Stop the War won the Syria debate (p8)
  • A dog’s breakfast? – Michael Meacher [on the lobbying bill] (p10)

 Daily Mirror

 Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Universal Credit hit by blunders (p2)
  • Putin ups stakes over Syria (p2)
  • Boris Johnson to run for third term (p4)
  • Miliband’s lost [GMB] million (p6) – Unite cited
  • Leader Poor choice [on Miliband] (p8) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Birmingham joins list of job blackspots (p15)
  • Syria crisis (p22-23)
  • Ryanair shares crash landing (p44)
  • Dyson to suck up 250 jobs (p44)
  • Services reach a six year high (p44)



 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Obama calls on world to fight Syria barbarism (p1/6-7)
  • Legal aid slashed for criminals and the rich (p1)
  • Union cuts Labour funding (p2)
  • Watchdog slams welfare benefit reform (p16)
  • Ed Miliband is no leader – he is a vulture – David Aaronovitch (p23)
  • MPs condemn Co-op banker (p35)
  • Ryanair vows to fill cheap seats (p37)


  • Universal credit crunch (p1)
  • Obama and Putin poised for confrontation (p1)
  • Four jails to close (p7)
  • Labour faces fund crisis (p22)
  • Colleges face zero hours contracts (p28)
  • Ex Co-op bank chief in clash with watchdog (p53)
  • Booming service sector adds to pressure on rates (p56)
  • Ryanair profits hit (p56)



 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron calls for US resolve over Syria (p1)
  • Dyson seeks to bag 650 engineers (p1)
  • GMB cut threatens Labour funding (p2)
  • Nissan creates 1,000 jobs in north east (p3)
  • Watchdog slates welfare shake up (p4)
  • Price war fear hits Ryanair (p15)
  • Regulator in row over Co-op loans (p20)

Edited by Mik Sabiers

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