News digest 5 March 2014

News digest 5 March 2014

05 March 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama engage in war of words over Ukraine - Guardian

·                No 10 accused of cover up over aide and child porn - Telegraph

·                Tony Blair plans 'significant' Labour party donation - Guardian

·                Posh, idiot and liar – voters’ views on party leaders – Mail

It’s all about personalities in today’s digest with talking heads aplenty. The main focus of many of the papers remains the stand-off over Ukraine, and most specifically the Crimea. After Russian troops fired some shots yesterday (pictured in many papers), US president Obama has waded in with the result that at present we have a war of words between him and Russian president Vladimir Putin, let’s just hope that the war of words does not turn into the real thing…

And very far from the real thing and UK prime minister David Cameron aimed to use a flagship speech to outline how her views cuts as an ideological calling rather than do something to deal with the deficit. Sadly, his speech and subsequent questions was overshadowed by the arrest of one of his aides on child pornography charges, and the news that the arrest took place weeks ago, but only became public much later due to a leak to a paper. There’s not much coverage of his speech – Summary: Cuts are good for the country – but instead lots about his aide and the potential cover-up or not, something to hide? We should be told.

From the Tories to Labour and after Ed Miliband’s reforms were passed at the weekend, a litany of donors seem to be coming out of the woodwork to help the party. After former foreign secretary’s David Owen’s donation it seems that former prime minister Tony Blair is expected to make a substantial donation to Labour, well he has made millions since leaving office…  Someone with a better reputation since leaving office is Tony Benn who has returned home from Charing Cross hospital, here’s wishing him well.

Talking of leaving office and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg tries to gain some headlines, the Telegraph notes that the coalition is at war over tax and Europe, and today Clegg plans to take on Ukip leader Nigel Farage. Sadly for him, no one is listening to Clegg these days.

Then again Farage is also in the headlines with the FT reporting that Farage lobbied for e-cigarettes after a donation from one manufacturer of the fake cigarettes. About time the spotlight was put on Farage and co…

Then again all leading politicians have come out badly from the latest poll by Tory peer Lord Ashcroft. Can you guess which of the following applies to the party leaders: Posh, idiot and liar? Yes, it’s the view of Cameron, Miliband and Clegg, voters were not asked to describe Farage, expect the answers would be unprintable.

And unprintable – and almost not covered – is the government’s attitude to Rene Gonzalez, the only member of the Miami 5 to have been freed from prison. Despite gaining a visa to visit the EU, Britain has banned the activist from attending a landmark inquiry to be held in London this weekend, leading Miami 5 campaigner Tony Woodley summed it up: “I can’t see the public interest in refusing Rene entry into the UK. On the contrary it is in the public interest to lay bare the circumstances surrounding the arrest and imprisonment of the Miami 5. For the sake of openness and transparency we hope the government thinks again. “ Well said that man...

Edited by Mik Sabiers

Morning Star

  • Britain bans Miami 5 hero (p1)
  • Ukip rides into storm as local leaders linked to far right (p2)
  • Heathrow tube staff strike after ‘breakdown’ (p3)
  • Scam cleaners attack students supporting strikers (p4)
  • Tony Benn exits hospitals (p5)
  • Chavez still inspires us – Matt Willgress (p8)

Daily Mirror

Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Recall bill to be recalled (p2)
  • Progress for Tony Benn (p2)
  • Labour: Let sick Brits die at home (p4)
  • NHS scandal chief’s £12K leaving bash (p4)
  • Ukraine: Flashpoint (p7)
  • Premier Foods shake up (p40)



Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Swaggering Putin fires warning shots (p1/8-9)
  • Blair set to give Labour major donation (p2) – Unite cited
  • No 10 aide held (p21)
  • Low interest rates costs savers £117 billion (p35)
  • Premier Foods refinancing package (p36)
  • Serco starts fight back (p37)
  • Car factories at full stretch (p37)
  • Virgin Money boss Jayne-Anne Gadhia profiled (p40)




FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • US demands Russian troop pull-out (p1)
  • Farage lobbied for e-cigarettes after maker’s donation to Ukip (p2)
  • CBI pushes for transparency on contracts in the public sector (p2)
  • Migrants set up one in seven companies (p3)
  • NP splits of US energy unit (p17)
  • Serco profits plummet (p18)
  • Geneva motor show (p22)

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