News digest 31 January 2014

News digest 31 January 2014

31 January 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Living standards will not recover until after 2015 election says IFS – Guardian

·                Typical family income is lower than in 2001 (but worst is over) - Mail

·                Cameron ‘running scared of own MPs over immigration’ - Mirror

·                Are the Tories trying to knife this MP for Cameron’s chum? – Andrew Pierce - Mail

·                [£] Empty Dave won’t be offering us any ideas – Philip Collins

·                Unions back Miliband’s party revolution – Indie

·                Lies, damned lies and Lib Dem promises – Mark Steel [on the Lib Dem manifesto] - Indie

Today’s digest opens with mixed news on incomes as depending on which paper you read either it is: “The end of the wages slide” according to the Sun or “ Living standards will not recover until after 2015 election says IFS” which is the headline in the Guardian, but  generally the line in most of the other papers. Even the Mail reports the typical family income as being lower than back in 2001, quoting the IFS data as saying we’re all poorer (well apart from top rate taxpayers obviously) because of the crippling cost of living with a 60 per cent rise in energy costs and a 30 per cent rise in food, looks like the cost of living crisis will continue to be the key battleground going forward…

And talking of battles, it looks like prime minister David Cameron’s authority is continuing to crumble after he yesterday had to rely on the opposition to help see off a rebellion by his own backbenchers on the migrants bill. Backbench Tory Dominic Raab had tried to push through an amendment to the bill to stop foreign prisoners using the right to family life clause to stay in the UK. 86 Tories rebelled. Not a good day in the office.

And it gets worse for Cameron as the Mail looks at what some have dubbed the Tories own Falkirk in what looks like a stitch-up to eject a sitting MP and replace her with one of Cameron’s Eton chums. Andrew Pierce in the Mail dishes all the dirt over the attempted deselection of Anne McIntosh…

And still more bad news for Cameron as the Times twists the knife with a piece saying the reason the Con-Dem coalition is so adrift is the lack of a coherent philosophy, with Philip Collins arguing that the prime minister cares about little and wants for nothing, as such how can he understand the country? How indeed…

Philip Collins then goes on to argue that at least Labour leader Ed Miliband has a coherent philosophy, Collins  says Miliband answers the message of what he is for and states: “I admire his [Miliband’s] courage and clarity. The same cannot be said for the prime minister.” Agreed.

And Miliband gets a reasonably good press today with more coverage of changes to the party constitution. The front of the Indie goes with the splash of “Unions back Miliband’s party revolution” with the move to one-member one-vote moving closer in the blueprints for reform meaning MPs lose their one-third share in leadership elections. Interestingly the Indie juxtaposes that story with one on Blair, doubt he’d be happy…

And also not happy is the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg who has come out against the ban on smoking with children in cars, perhaps this has something to do with the deputy prime minister being a smoker, then again Mark Steel in the Indie challenges the Lib Dem’s philosophy arguing simply that there are: “Lies, damned lies and Lib Dem promises…” couldn’t have put it better myself…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • End of wages slide (p2)
  • Union’s [reform] boost (p2)
  • Fury at PM over migrant vote fudge (p16)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron left bruised after defeat on foreign criminals (p4)
  • Clegg says smoking car ban will not work (p5)
  • Balls accused [by Tories] of learning nothing from past over debt (p14)
  • Empty Dave won’t be offering us any ideas – Philip Collins (p27)
  • AstraZeneca turns back on diseases of the poor (p39)
  • Small business strapped for cash (p42)
  • Diageo seeks hangover cure (p42)



·       Tory immigration rebels deal blow to David Cameron's authority (p1)

·       Theresa May snookered in the crucible (p2)

·       Living standards will not recover until after 2015 election says IFS (p2)

·       Military on standby as forecasters warn Somerset to prepare for more flooding (p4)

·       University applications hit record high (p5)

·       Cameron says he failed to make case for mass surveillance after Snowden leaks (p8)

·       British Airways and cabin crew may clash over who wears the trousers (p8)

·       Transport secretary blocks HS2 report (p8)

·       NHS patients 'face more treatment rationing since coalition restructuring' (p15)

·       London to ban lorries which have no protection for cyclists and pedestrians (p15)

·       Phone-hacking trial: Evans challenged over editor hearing Sienna Miller tape (p17)

·       Super rich shift their thrills from luxury goods to costly experiences (p17)

·       Shell shelves plan to drill in Alaskan Arctic this summer (p29)

·       John Lewis Partnership to ditch final salary pensions for workers (p29)

·       Serco shares fall over warning that scandal will hit profits (p30)

·       Diageo's shares fall to 15-month low as spirits dampen in emerging markets (p30)

·       Goldman Sachs sued for $1bn by Libyan fund (p30)

·       Barclays to cut hundreds of jobs (p31) – Unite cited

·       Santander UK stock market flotation 'will not happen in 2014' (p31)

·       Giving 16-year-olds the vote can be Labour's Great Reform Act – Polly Toynbee (p35)


  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Rebels prompt Cameron retreat (p2)
  • Labour’s [party] reform to take five years (p2)
  • NHS data share plan raises fear of privacy (p3)
  • Costly trains push commuters on to coaches (p4)
  • Shell suspends drilling (p17)
  • Serco shares plunge (p17)
  • Renault and Nissan seeks synergies (p18)
  • Diageo in low spirits (p22)