News digest 28 November 2013

News digest 28 November 2013

28 November 2013

The front page of the Morning Star leads today’s digest with a single word: “Duped” which is referring to Unite’s assertion that business secretary Vince Cable “spectacularly duped” the public over the Royal Mail sell off by claiming that the Royal Mail was not a viable business. It’s joined by the opposite end of the spectrum by Alex Brummer in the Daily Mail which calls it: ‘The Great Mail robbery.’ Brian Scott, Unite officer representing the Royal Mail managers, said: “It is clear that the chickens are coming home to roost very quickly for Vince Cable and he has spectacularly failed the UK taxpayer. Ministers alleged, wrongly as it has turned out, that the Royal Mail couldn’t operate successfully in the public sector which was why it needed to be sold off at what was a bargain basement price. [The company’s] profits highlight how the taxpayer has been hoodwinked by that spurious argument and sold down the river. The business secretary, a Cambridge University trained economist, was bamboozled by the advice from his City advisors by allowing the shares to be sold at 330p, as the price has soared since then. The loser is the UK taxpayer as the Royal Mail was a viable business before the sell off – and now money that should be flowing into the Treasury for schools and hospitals is going into the pockets of private investors.”

And from one failed policy to another with widespread coverage of prime minister David Cameron’s pledge to try and curb migration from newer EU member states. However, the plans came under immediate scrutiny with many saying it would make the UK look like ‘a nasty country’ although once you look at the small print it seems that the bulk of ideas floated – such as banning migrants from claiming benefits – would not be implemented before the restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians are lifted on 1 January. There was some support for Cameron from president Hollande of France and chancellor Merkel of Germany, but the best line in slamming supporters is left to Owen Jones in the Indie who says that deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has scraped the bottom of the barrel by collaborating on the scapegoating of immigrants. Let’s face it, Clegg has scraped a lot of barrels over the past four years, the sooner the Con-Dem coalition goes the better, although beware the dangers of London mayor Boris Johnson who is quoted in many papers as laying out his role as a proposed heir to Thatcher, he does that by saying some people are too stupid to get on in life and that greed is good, well it is for him and his very rich chums, not so good for the rest of us…

Edited by Mik Sabiers


Morning Star

  • Duped (p1) [Royal mail sale] – Unite/Brian Scott quoted
  • Energy should go back to public, say pensioners (p2)
  • Unions press for rethink of bank cuts (p2) – Unite cited
  • RBS insider: Thousands face lay offs [at energy giant Npower] (p3)
  • GMB launches blacklist action at High Court (p4)
  • EU blasts Cameron’s ‘nasty’ benefit ban (p4)


Daily Mirror


Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Germans back Cameron’s benefits block (p1)
  • Labour’s wannabe MPs have Unite link (p2) – Unite cited
  • Mitchell loses libel costs bid (p12)
  • Npower in 1,400 jobs cull (p20)
  • RBS: Still the rotten apple (p25)
  • New questions over Royal Mail sale (p54)
  • Nine million Brits struggling in ‘severe debt’ (p55)






Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron U-turn over plain packaging for cigarettes (p1)
  • Boris stakes claim as Thatcher’s heir with policy shopping list (p2)
  • Royal Mail profits double (p2)
  • Falkirk whisteleblower ruled out of MP contest (p39) – Unite cited
  • More cash, but unions lash out at postal order (p55)
  • RBS denies putting customers out of business (p57)
  • Npower send back office jobs to India (p58)
  • Peugeot chief gives up pensions after record annual loss (p63)








FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron U-turn on cigarette packing (p1)
  • Royal Mail figures fuel privatisation price row (p4)
  • Alliance Boots faces tax claims (p15) – Unite cited

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