News digest 28 January 2015

News digest 28 January 2015

28 January 2015

Today’s top stories to share on social media:

·                Guardian: Planned strike action by health workers suspended after talks breakthrough

·                Mirror: The life saving clinic being closed by cuts – Real Britain Ros

·                Morning Star: McCluskey writes to EU: Don't mislead public on TTIP

·                Guardian: Cameron’s five-year legacy: has he finished what Thatcher started?

·                Indie: Greencore should share spoils with staff

The digest opens with what the Mirror front pages sums up as “Victory for NHS staff in pay war” after the government came up with a new pay offer following the threat of strike action by NHS staff due to take place later this week. Commenting, Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail said: “Following talks we have suspended industrial action and called off Thursday’s strike to consult with our members over the coming days. The offer moves the NHS towards becoming a living wage employer and begins to address issues around low pay. Members will decide on whether to accept or reject the offer of what we believe is the best that can be achieved by negotiation.”

And the NHS remains high on the agenda, although depending which paper you read it is good or bad news. The Times splashes with an attack from what it calls ‘Labour grandee’ Alan Milburn on the party’s NHS strategy which it blows out of proportion, while the Mail tries to say Labour’s argument is not true as NHS satisfaction levels are rising [probably as government is fiddling the figures – need proof look at the proposed changes to 'major incident' guidelines for NHS hospitals today]. The simple message is that NHS staff work very hard and long hours to deliver a strong service, but the overall impact of the Health & Social Care Act and the push towards ever more privatisation needs to be reversed to make the focus on patients not profits…

Elsewhere on the political front, chancellor George Osborne gained from a boost to growth [albeit below forecasts] and his namesake in the Times argues growth has gone all ‘skew-whiff’, that will be because only nine per cent of people are feeling the results of the economy according to the Mirror and [20 per cent are worse off] while Hamish McRae in the Indie argues that we need to get used to a world of insecure work, but then after the Syriza election success maybe we need more of a challenge to convention rather than just to accept what we are given…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Milburn jibe at Miliband (p2)
  • Mandelson’s tax free loan (p4)
  • 99 days to election and the Sunifesto (p6-7)
  • EDF 1.3$ bill cut fury (p16)
  • New Greek leader warns over debt (p43)
  • More Waitrose stores (p43)



) Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Milburn: Labour NHS strategy will bring ‘poll catastrophe’ (p1)
  • Customers urged to switch as EDF cuts bill (p2)
  • Health strikes called off (p2)
  • PM to reject means test for wealthy pensioners (p8-9)
  • Fee cuts will help only the rich, says uni chief (p10)
  • Smoking in pubs and a 35p tax rate, Ukip plans (p14)
  • It’s time we learnt to love the super-rich – Alice Thomason (p29)
  • Recovery goes a but skew-whiff – Alistair Osborne (p39)
  • Politicians attack Aer Lingus takeover (p41)
  • Pfizer chief silent on mergers (p42)
  • Waitrose to add 14 stores (p45)
  • HBOS collapse report delayed (p47)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • UK grows at fastest pace since crisis (p1)
  • Greens plan to shake up square mile (p2)
  • Cable criticises Cameron on supermarket fines (p2)
  • City Link owner tells of regret over jobs losses (p2)
  • TfL turns property developer (p4)
  • Miliband prescribes private health group levy (p5)
  • Oil sector analysed (p9)
  • Defend Labour’s economic record – Joh Hutton and Alan Milburn (p11)
  • Siemens defends Dresser-Rand deal (p18)
  • Dublin wants to meet IAG over Aer Lingus takeover (p19)

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