News digest 27 September 2013

News digest 27 September 2013

27 September 2013

Opposition leader Ed Miliband and Labour’s overall good week in Brighton seems to have scared some of the right wing press and even with the ‘row’ with Lord Mandelson it looks like the papers are taking a Miliband premiership seriously, as is the market as shares in energy firms dropped for a second day in a row yesterday. The best line is by Fraser Nelson in the Telegraph who states: ‘The Labour leader’s socialist ideas are radical, coherent and –worst of all – popular’ but then goes on to talk of how terrifying he considers Miliband to be…

More terrifying is the latest Tory focus. Ahead of the Tory conference starting in Manchester this weekend a couple of the papers trail the latest push on welfare, with yet more demonisation on the way. The front of the Mail indicates that the government plans to force people to work for their benefits even though we pay national insurance to cover us in difficult times. As ever the out of touch Tories focus on divisive policies trying to turn one group against another. And talking of flagship Tory schemes the Mirror reports that only 22 per cent of people that joined the ‘work scheme’ two tears ago have found long term jobs. Where’s the real recovery?

There is however some good news on overturning Tory policy after a blind housing association tenant has won the first legal appeal against the hated tax. The ruling could result in extra rooms used for equipment for disabled people being excluded from the calculations, Westminster council will not appeal the decision but the Work and Pensions department is considering its next steps…

And talking of taking steps it is just two days to the mass march and rally in Manchester when thousands will gather to defend our NHS. What better way to get the attention of David Cameron's Conservative party than thousands of 'noisy' people on the streets of Manchester. Good luck to all going, and why not join them, find out more on the #NHS299 march and rally and help #SaveOurNHS…

  Morning Star

  • Disabled win race to fight bedroom tax (p1)
  • 100,000 Royal Mail workers balloted for strike action (p2)
  • Summons for Tapp driver (p2)
  • MSPs: Make Puma crash probes faster (p3)
  • Bungling BT deal ‘robs taxpayers’ (p3)
  • Protest in Manchester this Sunday (p3)
  • Work scheme ‘cash siphon’ for privateers (p4)
  • TUC launches guide to NHS cuts and how to resist them (p5)
  • Tax guzzling tax-dodgers in our NHS (p8)

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • World’s most wanted (p1/4-5)
  • Ukip U-turn boost Cameron, but Brits liken him to a snake (p2)
  • ‘Gag’ bill tweaked (p20
  • Split over Ed’s energy plan (p2)
  • Boris swaps bike for taxi after boozy bash (p11)
  • Stores in price cuts at pumps (p29)
  • Clydesdale hit by loan fine (p50)


  • Labour war over energy price freeze (p2)
  • Workers to get priority on council housing list (p25)
  • 6p off petrol in price war (p27)
  • Thomas Cook left in shade by TUI Travel (p59)
  • Clydesdale bill blunder costs £42 million (p59)
  • Ladbrokes chief under pressure over setback (p52)





  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne acts over housing boom fears (p1)
  • Johnson hints at Westminster hopes (p1)
  • Economists puzzled by upswing (p2)
  • Miliband shifts subject to ask voters: What sort of recovery? (p3)
  • Tory eurosceptics push for early vote (p4)
  • Heathrow hits back over Gatwick expansion plan (p4)
  • Osborne has now been proved wrong on austerity – Martin Wolf (p13)
  • Tui Travel upbeat (p23)

  Edited by Mik Sabiers

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