News digest 27 June 2014

News digest 27 June 2014

27 June 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Witch hunt: Rebekah’s man blasts prosecutors – Mail

·                Unlike David Cameron, Gavrilo Princip had fellow plotters - Guardian

·                UK population exceeds 64 million - Express

·                Energy sharks make £101 profit per family - Mail

·                No police inquiry into Wonga letters - Indie

·                Barclays shares tumble after allegations about private 'dark pool' trading system - Guardian

·                Rich getting richer - Mirror

Today’s papers keep up the coverage of David Cameron’s poor judgment, Andy Coulson’s conviction and Rebekah Brooks’ freedom, with the latter declaring not only her innocence but the fact that she feels “vindicated” after the eight month trial. While refusing to make any comment on Andy Coulson’s conviction – and noting that the judge had told her to remain silent while the jury continued deliberations over Coulson [take that Cameron!], her husband did let slip that the prime minister has not been in touch since Tuesday’s verdict was announced. He must have other things on his mind…

And that is not prejudicing retrials but being completely outmanoeuvred in Europe. Despite trying to shoot Jean Claude Juncker’s credibility – the Telegraph today has a front page headline of: “Fears over Juncker’s drinking” [which may be considered a bit rich given reports of the wine that flows at Chequers], in reality Cameron is isolated and instead of backing down is making things worse by calling for a vote of all leaders, and that is a vote he will lose. The Guardian has a nice line: “Unlike David Cameron, Gavrilo Princip had fellow plotters” and the misgivings about Cameron’s leadership continue to grow.

As does the population, many of the papers report that UK population growth is rising at twice the rate of the rest of Europe and now stands at 64 million. The five million surge in the population means new schools, hospitals, roads and more are needed, instead we have a government addicted to cuts and austerity and it won’t be long before the country comes to a grinding halt, especially if interest rates rise.

And it’s not just interest rates rising, energy bills continue to go through the roof with the Mail highlighting the power rip off as energy companies now make £101 profit from every family in the country, double last year’s total. So much for Cameron sorting out the energy market, even the Sun calls it a ‘rip-off’.

Talking of rip offs payday lender Wonga is still in the headlines, but it now looks like it will not face charges over the faked legal letters, there really should be proper inquiry into such practices and proper regulation. That however is unlikely, as even after all the crisis in the banking industry it looks like shady deals are continuing with many of the papers reporting on the pressures for Barclays over ‘dark pool’ trading. Yep, the banks are back at it, but let’s hope it not us that need to do another bail out…

Perhaps the rich could step in? Many of the papers report that the latest ONS report has found that the super-rich are getting even richer while the poorest have seen the sharpest fall in disposable income with a loss of £381 while the richest fifth of households have gained £940. Welcome to reality of Con-Dem Britain…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Brown: Hold EU vote now (p2)
  • Len’s PM pay deal (p6/8) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Home loan crackdown (p8)
  • 18 month wait on energy rip off (p14)
  • Are royals value of money (p23)
  • Barclays dark pool trading (p51)
  • Fag firms fuming over plain packs (p51)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • UK population surges (p1)
  • I feel vindicated, says Brooks (p3)
  • Juncker heads for victory (p4-5)
  • Bills rise to pay green power subsidies (p23)
  • Petulance will get you nowhere, Mr Cameron -  Philip Collins (p29)
  • Investors drain from Barclays (p41)
  • National Express back on track with franchise win (p43)
  • Punch seeks rescue deal (p45)
  • Gatwick in profit (p52)




  • Fears over Juncker’s drinking (p1)
  • New limit on mortgages (p2)
  • Brooks: I feel vindicated (p5)
  • Green subsidies make millions for energy firms (p6)
  • Population rates rises twice as fast as rest of EU (p10)
  • Union boss’ 3.7 per cent pay award (p14) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Cameron is the only leader with the courage to take on Europe – Fraser Nelson (p22)
  • Barclays shares slump (b1)
  • National Express to keep one rail line (b1)
  • Punch close to finalising deal (b1)

  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Banks pull business out of Barclays’ ‘dark pool’ (p1)
  • Labour aims to woo business with commitment to growth (p2)
  • Big Six face probe (p4)
  • An unbalanced recovery is no cause for complacency – Martin Wolf (p13)
  • Pressure rises on StanChart (p17)
  • Mercedes to build vehicles at Nissan plant (p21)

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