News digest 27 August 2014

News digest 27 August 2014

27 August 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Failures in Rotherham led to abuse of 1,400 children - Guardian

·                Danger wards as checks on foreign nurses scrapped - Mirror

·                Osborne ‘mis-stated’ success of tax crackdown – Indie

·                Lawyers say: Don’t let taxman raid savings – Mail

·                ‘Hypocrisy’ of the Burger King – Indie

·                Farage and Boris MP bids – Mirror

·                Kate Bush concerts: Tears and awe, but no phones - Guardian

All the papers report on the horrific child abuse scandal in Rotherham where more than 1,400 children were abused by gangs of men in the South Yorkshire town over a period of 16 years with victims ignored both by social workers and the police. The leader of the council, Roger Stone, announced his resignation yesterday although no council staff member or police officer have been disciplined over the case, and just five men have been brought to justice. The question is whether the council could have done more?

What we do know is that with more cuts, councils are having to do less, but this is despite the rising demands in terms of care as well as the population increase and the pressure on schools and services. That is also feeding in to our NHS, facing further pressures, with many papers reporting that the number of foreign nurses on wards has doubled in four years. The Mail argues that this is putting patients at risk due to language problems, and ignores the real message in that people are leaving the profession after years of pay freezes. The Sun and Morning Star both cover the opening of Unite’s NHS ballot for strike action over pay.

And still on pay and finances and the Indie reports that UK chancellor George Osborne ‘mis-stated’ the success of his tax crackdown and the revenues he expected to gain, I thought lying to parliament was a resignation issue, but then the chancellor does seem to care about his spending plans, after all the deficit is worse and the debt reduction plan is going rather awry as a result of his austerity addiction.

What we need is more taxation of corporations, sadly it looks like Osborne will prefer to raid people’s bank accounts (the Mail is particularly opposed to the idea), while corporations get away with reducing their liabilities, the FT leads with the Burger King deal with Warren Buffet defending his involvement in the deal and arguing it is not for tax reasons [pull the other one].

And pulling the other one in parliament could soon be an option for both London mayor Boris Johnson and Ukip leader Nigel Farage after both of them were selected as prospective parliamentary candidates yesterday. Sadly they are not fighting the same seat which would have been fun to watch…

And talking of fun to watch the other main story across all the papers is the return of Kate Bush to the London stage, all the reviews are positive with wall to wall coverage of the 23-strong set. Sadly there are no tickets left [although if anyone would like to invite this scribe he would be eternally grateful], but it looks like those that have the [golden] tickets are in for a top show, while the sun’s still shining I’m off to listen to Cloudbusting…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Rotherham child abuse coverage (p1/4-5)
  • NHS staff vote over pay strike (p2) – Unite/Rachel Maskell cited
  • Benefits Street 2 (p19)
  • Ban toxic e-cigs (p27)
  • RBS faces fine (p43)



  Times (not delivered)




FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Buffett defends tax shift (p1)
  • Cameron backs Tusk for EU top job (p1)
  • Home loan approvals slow (p2)
  • Rotherham council leader resigns (p3)
  • WPP profits rise (p13)
  • RBS faces fine (p13)
  • Ex-Porsche chiefs to stand trial (p16)

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