News digest 26 January 2015

News digest 26 January 2015

26 January 2015

Today’s top reads: Stories to share on social media:

·                Guardian: Syriza stood up to the money men – the UK left must do the same – Zoe Williams

·                Mirror : The Con-Dem coalition: 101 broken promises

·                Morning Star: Privatisation would 'brutalise' National Gallery, says artist Geraldine Swayne

So the top story is the success of Syriza in Greece, no longer an opposition party opposing austerity, but a soon to be government opposing the austerity addiction and the edicts from the IMF and EU that have thrown the people into poverty. Perhaps there’s a lesson for other parties across the continent, see Podemos in Spain (also on the left), but there could be a danger of rightwards shifts too (Germany’s Allianz fur Deutschland or the UK’s Ukip), so keep a close eye on developments [even if Syriza’s first act was to form a coalition with a right wing party] as this could be the start of the end of the austerity addiction across the continent…

Agreed…“The success of the British car industry is proof that businesses can and do work positively with trade unions to improve productivity together. Let's learn from this. We need a tripartite solution – government, business and workers building, together, a better, fairer future for all.” Len then goes on to outline an alternative, highlighting the success of the UK’s automotive sector: “With the super-growth in zero-hours working, agency labour and phantom self-employment on his watch there has been a systematic attack on basic employment rights and an entrenchment of widening inequality between the richest and poorest.”Back in the UK and Unite general secretary Len McCluskey also speaks out against the austerity addiction in the FT castigating UK chancellor George Osborne as the architect of the UK's economic race to the bottom:

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • No Security storm (p1)
  • Left wins in Greece (p2)
  • Farage: Defector was due for boot (p2)
  • Grexit could spark stampede from EU – Trevor Kavanagh (p8)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Europe rocked by Greek revolt against austerity (p1)
  • Labour fears legal wrangle over mansion tax (p2)
  • Farage believed defector fibbed about migrants (p6)
  • Tory MEP may defect to Ukip (p6)
  • SNP leader names price for deal with Labour (p10)
  • Unions urge Labour to save fracking (p16) – Unite cited
  • 25% of flights from Britain take off late (p20)
  • Tory plan: Split the left and terrify voters – Tim Montgomerie (p24) – Len McCluskey cited
  • Cable callas for bank link with Post office (p35)
  • IAG bid for Aer Lingus (p37)
  • Bentley plans university (p40)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Greek leftists’ victory (p1)
  • Farage puts on brave face over Ukip’s woes (p2)
  • Business fears falling foul of new lobbying law (p2)
  • Fall in real wages prompts 40% rise in workers with second jobs (p3)
  • The writing is on the wall for economic injustices – Len McCluskey (p10)

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