News digest 23 September 2013

News digest 23 September 2013

23 September 2013

Today’s digest opens with an initial focus on foreign news. Many of the papers feature the ongoing terrorist attack in a Kenyan shopping centre that has left an estimated 68 people dead, gunmen are believed to be holding more hostages as the story continues to develop.

From Africa to Europe and Germany in particular and there’s also widespread coverage of Angela Merkel’s victory in the German general election. The CDU bloc won a 41.5 per cent share against the SPD’s 26 per cent. Both parties raised their share, although Merkel saw a jump of some 7 per cent. But it was bad news for the German Liberals as the FDP was ejected from parliament for the first time, the Left party is now the third largest followed by the Greens while a new eurosceptic party failed to make the five per cent threshold. Merkel almost gained an outright majority, but the question now is whether there will be another grand coalition with the SPD or if the Greens can be convinced to back the chancellor and form a Black-Green coalition.

From the German coalition to the Con-Dem coalition and many of the papers focus on the Labour party conference and the challenge to the austerity agenda. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey challenged Labour to show it was on the side of working people. Len told a packed fringe meeting at the Brighton conference that unions would continue to speak out in the political arena, highlighting "scandals" such as zero-hours contracts, the  growth of food banks, and welfare reforms. Said Len: "We are here to influence our party, to urge it to stand up and demonstrate it is on our side. My challenge to Ed Miliband is - make it clear that the Labour party is the party of ordinary working people, and of organised labour. Labour can only exist if it appeals to ordinary working people." Today sees the work and business debate with Len due to move a motion on collective rights, while this afternoon sees the economy debate with shadow chancellor Ed Balls due to speak plus a slew of fringe meetings – more details on the Unite website - it’s time to set the agenda leading up to the 2015 election, so far we’ve had pledges to abolish the bedroom tax, for wraparound care and for Atos to be axed from running capability assessments, much more please…

 Morning Star

  • Posties: Save our service (p1)
  • Kenny: Unions will not give up say in party (p2)
  • Delegates to vote on keeping East Coast line public (p2)
  • Byrne vows to sack work test privateer Atos (p3)
  • Miliband vows to scrap bedroom tax (p5)
  • Britain ‘being dragged back to pre war era’ (p5) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Clegg sucks up to wealthy Tories (p7)
  • Standards slip at foundation health trusts (p7)
  • Labour’s trade union link is its main strength – Ian Lavery MP (p10)

 Daily Mirror

 Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Kenya mall massacre (p1/4-5)
  • Farage branded moron (p2)
  • German landslide win for Merkel (p6)
  • Milidamned (p8-9) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Brutal. Tribal, ruthless and out of touch – Trevor Kavanagh [on Miliband) (p9) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited


  • Labour’s chaos will see rise in migrants (p2)
  • Kenya attack (p4-5)
  • Toxic feuding tore both Labour and the country apart – Leo McKinstry (p12)
  • Scandal of funds fees costs investors £3 billion (p44)
  • Bidders ready for TSB sale (p44)


 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Security forces surround mall massacre (p1)
  • McBride faces call for police inquiry (p8)
  • Child’s play for Unite leader (p9) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited/pictured
  • Victims dying of asbestos cancer ‘face cut in damages’ (p16)
  • Merkel close to majority (p28-29)
  • RBS branch bid (p35)
  • Grangemouth vows to defy union ‘intimidation’ (p37) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited/pictured
  • Outsourcers retain payment protection (p37)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Merkel hails result (p1)
  • Apprentice scheme stirs legal debate (p2)
  • Royal Mail finances rated better than rivals (p4)
  • What Labour needs to win the next election – Peter Mandelson (p15)
  • VW looks at 7-seater to drive US sales (p25)
  • Old MG Rover site begins to motor again (p27)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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