News digest 23 April 2014

News digest 23 April 2014

23 April 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                British miss out on jobs as they lack  basic skills, says PM - Telegraph

·                Farage squirms when asked if his German wife stole a British job - Mail

·                Labour prepares for dirty war against Tory spin machine - Indie

·                Cable issues warning over exec pay - Telegraph

·                Pharmaceutical shares soar after Novartis and Glaxo deal - Guardian

·                Oxfam confirms cuts hit poorest hardest – Morning Star

·                Bishop of Oxford barred from Cameron’s constituency office - Mirror

It’s still quiet on the news front with the main political news being the start of the short campaign for the European and local elections. Yesterday both the Tories and Ukip pushed out their respective messages, Cameron went with the line that British workers miss out on jobs as they lack basic skills as he gave a joint interview/speech with chancellor George Osborne, while Ukip leader Nigel Farage walked into a double row over his posters and claims that migrants were taking British jobs. It turns out that a ‘poster girl’ who was backing the party was actually an aide to Farage, and even worse when Farage was challenged about employing his German wife as his secretary asking if she ‘stole’ a British worker’s job he said no one else could do the job, one rule for him and one for the rest as ever. All in all it looks like the election won’t get much higher than the gutter, and Labour is also preparing for the Tories to get down and dirty, with the front page of the Indie reporting on the party setting up a new ‘attack unit’ to hit back at Tory spin, expect lots of it…

Also on the political front business secretary Vince Cable has written a letter to the heads of FTSE 100 companies demanding they do more to curb excessive pay rises for senior executives. Don’t expect any of them to even bother replying, especially as the City is currently in the midst of merger mania again as an asset swap between Novartis and GSK was followed by a near $50 billion takeover battle for the maker of Botox. Global deals in pharma so far this year have totalled some $140 billion, if only there was a tax on merger deals that could go a long way to dealing with the deficit and reversing the cuts, fat chance, as well all know those cuts are out of ideology, and we know who they are hitting hardest, as the Morning Star sums up the hated bedroom tax with the line ‘Oxfam confirms cuts hit poorest hardest just as the Mirror reports that police were called to Cameron’s constituency office after the Bishop of Oxford attempted to hand in a letter on food banks, even though he had booked an appointment, shame on the Con-Dem coalition…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Tories face massive protest vote in European elections (p2)
  • BoJo to ]possibly] stand as MP (p2)
  • £16 billion drug deal (p38)
  • Lending on slide (p38)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Shock drop in violent crime (p1)
  • Poster girl who backs Ukip is Farage’s aide (p4)
  • [NUT} union chief proud of her strike record (p12)
  • Drugs firms bet on pharma (p35)
  • Cable resumes war on pay (p36)



·         Vince Cable tells top UK firms: crack down on bonuses or face new laws (p1)

·         David Moyes: a very brutal and modern sacking (p1)

·         David Cameron blasted over shotgun licence fees veto (p2)

·         Nigel Farage defends Ukip's election campaign after critics call ads racist (p4)

·         Tony Blair to say battle against Islamic extremism is paramount (p4)

·         International artists join campaign to overturn UK prison book ban (p4)

·         Law Society joins exodus from CBI over Scottish independence stance (p9)

·         UK e-Borders programme unable to help track immigration (p9)

·         Nigel Farage launches Ukip campaign amid criticism of 'racist' rhetoric (p11)

·         Labour bets on living standards being key issue as 2015 elections near (p13)

·         Political battle brews over impact of future mortgage rate rises (p13)

·         GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis change shape to focus on core business (p21)

·         Pharmaceutical shares soar after Novartis and Glaxo deal (p21)

·         Co-op report likely to fuel row about Britannia merger (p24)

·         Tesco launches fresh round of price cuts (p24)

·         UK energy quest highlights human rights concerns in gas-rich countries (p25)

·         Fall in lending to UK business raises concerns over shape of recovery (p26)

·         Let's make industrial action bigger than striking teachers – Zoe Williams (p28)

·         David Cameron and Ed Miliband don't matter as much as they think – Steve Richards (p29)

·         Poverty has been rebranded as personal failure – Frances Ryan (p35)

·         Cheap rents in return for building community spirit (p36)


  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Deals fever grips big pharma (p1/17)
  • Cable warns FTSE 100 over pay (p2)
  • A more equal society will not hinder growth – Martin Wolf (p11)
  • GM faces recalls wrangle (p18)

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