News digest 21 November 2014

News digest 21 November 2014

21 November 2014

The digest opens with a focus on parliament, and no it’s not just the Tory turncoat Mark Reckless being elected as Ukip’s second ever MP with a majority of 2,920 in Rochester and Strood [it may not be so easy to hold at the general election though] – but instead two private member’s bills which follow one another this morning. The first looks to attack the Con-Dem coalition’s sell off of the NHS by removing the right to profit from healthcare, while the second bill on zero hours contracts demands proper rights for workers. Let’s hope both get through, and remember to check if your MP backs our NHS and your workplace rights…

The fall out from the Rochester by-election looks likely to hit the Tories with Cameron quaking about whether there will be more defections [there will], while Labour is mired in a row which saw frontbencher Emily Thornberry resign over a ‘reckless’ tweet [at least she went quickly]. The Lib Dems were effectively wiped out with votes in the hundreds [sadly they’re going very slowly].

Talking of being wiped out and a few of the papers report on the threat to the police service with the front page of the Mirror splashing that 1 in 6 or some 68,000 police jobs could go in the next round of Tory budget cuts [so much for public safety]. But rather than be focused on crime and safety, the government was more determined to ensure bankers get  heir bonuses, although chancellor George Osborne has finally given up on challenging the EU over the issue [it cost the exchequer £250,000 and note Farage thinks the bankers should get their bonuses], but while bank bonuses may be capped at double their salaries [poor them], the question of tax comes to the fore with  none other than London’s Tory mayor and soon to be two jobs Boris Johnson refusing to pay a US tax bill [where corporates go in avoiding tax, then the rich follow] and the lack of money for our vital services is hit, but then the wholescale sell off of British public services makes the front of the Indie which shows that foreign firms have reaped over £1 billion in dividends for privatised UK services, all money that could have gone to the exchequer but instead went into the pockets of City fat cats and their friends…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • How to lose a by-election (p1/4-5) [Thornberry resignation]
  • Bojo gets attacked by US tax (p2)
  • Air fares will rise unless Gatwick gets new runway (p66)
  • Another Wonga boss quits (p67)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Ukip purges ‘dangerous’ candidates in poll drive (p1)
  • Osborne abandons fight over bank bonus cap (p2)
  • Government employs 1,500 spin doctors (p14)
  • Boris refuses to pay US tax bill (p17)
  • Dave’s big society has become the big lie – Philip Collins (p39)
  • Ex-JJB chief found guilty of fraud (p57)
  • Ineos bids to become shale gas king (p59)
  • Centrica cools down profit forecast after warm spell (p64)
  • UK motor industry hits the brakes (p67)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne drops bank bonus challenge (p1)
  • Network Rail scolded over delays (p2)
  • Thornberry quits (p2)
  • Ineos announces $1bn push for shale (p3) – Unite cited
  • Labour urges probe of Hinkley C nuclear project (p3)
  • Wales strong recovery (p4)
  • RBS fined (p15)
  • Gatwick hits back over criticism (p20)
  • Babcock bolsters defence position (p23)

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