News digest 21 January 2014

News digest 21 January 2014

21 January 2014

Today’s reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                The Rennard crisis shows the Lib Dems in their true colours – Ross Clark - Express

·                Farage: Working mums worth less than men – Daily Mirror

·                Royal Mail chief’s pay out a ticking bomb for Cable – the Indie

·                Wage gap millions are £3,700 poorer – Daily Mirror

·                The man who tried (and failed) to arrest Blair for war crimes – The Indie

Today’s digest opens with bad news for the Lib Dems and a challenge to leader and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg’s authority as the ‘Lord Grope’ row rumbles on. After Lord Rennard refused to apologise for his actions yesterday the Lib Dems withdrew the whip and suspended him from the party. The Indie claims the ex Lib Dem chief executive and election guru came out fighting declaring on its front page: “I’m the victim!” while most of the papers argue that Clegg’s authority is in crisis. The latest move is that it seems Rennard plans to sue the party which could end up in a courtroom showdown between both sides. The peer continues to deny inappropriate behaviour towards four women, but as the coalition continues to ignore the fact that women have been hit hardest by the Con-Dem cuts, it seems it won’t take them seriously.

And it’s not just the coalition that seems to consider women second class citizens, Ukip leader Nigel Farage is embroiled in a new row after he said that men are worth more to City firms than women who have children. The Guardian is kind in its comment going with the headline: ‘Women must sacrifice family life to succeed in finance’ while the Sun and Mirror are more to the point: ‘Men are worth more than mums’ while the FT call Farage a ‘dinosaur’, all in all as the party gets ever more coverage the comment that the country has not just a ‘nasty party’ (the Tories) but also Ukip as the ‘nastier party’. Perhaps the response from one protester sums up the real feelings after the Express reports that Farage was hit over the head with a placard, no news on whether it was by a woman…

And one woman who seems to be doing OK is Royal Mail chief executive Moya Green, the Telegraph piece where the Royal Mail chair said she should see a substantial pay rise in her £1.5 million salary yesterday is followed up by a number of papers, almost all of them lambasting the idea. The Indie sums it up best as: Royal Mail chief’s pay out a ticking bomb for Cable’ , more trouble for the Lib Dems, yes indeed…  

And the real pay rise should be for public sector workers as the Daily Mirror reports that higher costs and frozen pay for the past four years have hit public sector workers who – according to pay expert VocaLink – are £3,700 poorer as a result as salaries grew just 0.5 per cent in the past year. Time for a pay rise…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Lib Demons (p2) [Rennard suspended]
  • Barman’s bid for citizen’s arrest on ‘war crim’ Blair (p6)
  • Farage: Men are worth more than mums (p10)
  • Co-op U-turn (p38)
  • Arrest of Morrison’s tax chief (p38)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Clegg in crisis over Rennard case (p1/8-9)
  • IMF: Britain’s recovery the fastest of all (p1)
  • Unite under scrutiny over ‘phantom voters’ (p6) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Cameron to lose another female MP (p6)
  • Mothers are worth less in the City, says Farage (p17)
  • Labour proposes £120 extra for jobless who have worked for five years (p19)
  • Council tax hits low income families (p18)
  • London mayor accused of ‘vulgar abuse’ as he attacks airport expansion report (p20)
  • Rennard won’t budge/ The world moves on – Rachel Sylvester (p27)
  • MPs lambast incoherent support for small firms (p39)
  • KPMG investigated over black hole in failed Co-op bank (p41)
  • Deutsche warns of more to come (p42)
  • Morrison’s suspends treasurer (p43)
  • Peugeot family takes back seat in rescue deal (p45)
  • AB InBev in Asian return (p44) [reacquisition]
  • Crossrail could cause chaos (p47)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Big Deutsche bank losses (p1)
  • EU energy costs more than twice that of US (p1)
  • ‘Dinosaur’ Farage attacks maternity leave (p2)
  • Lib Dems suspend Rennard (p3)
  • Parties set out stall on welfare (p4)
  • Miliband’s mysterious aversion to public sector reform – Janan Ganesh (p11)
  • Morrison suspend treasurer (p15)
  • Ab InBev buyback (p19)
  • Co-op bank faces fresh probe (p21) 

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