News digest 2 April 2014

News digest 2 April 2014

02 April 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Union boss threatens to launch rival party to Labour - Indie

·                With friends like Len, Ed needs no enemies - Telegraph

·                Vince Cable lost £1 billion and still has his job – Mirror

·                Half of all payday lenders could be 'taken out of the market' – Guardian

·                New NHS chief angers unions with praise for private sector innovation – Guardian

Today’s digest opens with a simple message to the Labour party, win the next general election. There’s widespread coverage of Unite general secretary Len McCluskey’s briefing to journalists yesterday with the top line being the relationship between Britain’s biggest union and the Labour party. Len said: “I believe the Labour party is at a crossroad, a watershed … if we put forward hope, then I believe Labour will get back in power.” Outlining that Labour must be bold and focus on a programme that delivers jobs, homes and hope, Len added: “Ed Miliband's challenge is to simply demonstrate that he's on the side of ordinary people. Ed has got to give hope to the poor, he's got to demonstrate that we're going to do something different in power. If he does that with some passion, if he does that with some conviction then in my view the polls will begin to alter and he will begin to be seen as a genuine alternative."

And there’s plenty to challenge the Con-Dem austerity addiction, Real Britain Ros in the Mirror trails the challenge to the bedroom tax coming on 5 April, as well as crunching the figures behind the Royal Mail sale, although the Mirror sums that up best with the line ‘if a postie loses a precious item they’re sacked, but Vice Cable lost £1 billion and he’s still in his job’, as ever one rule for them and one for the rest of us.

There’s also fear in the payday loan sector (for lenders not borrowers) with regulators looking to challenge rogue companies in the industry, however while many say that may mean one in four are driven out of the business, why so few would be the real question, Mary Riddell in the Telegraph argues that British justice is under threat, and don’t forget our NHS with the new chief executive taken to task by Unite’s Rachel Maskell in today’s Guardian. There’s also no mention that yesterday was April Fool’s day but there’s a good round up from the Guardian of the top jokes of the day, enjoy: April Fools' Day jokes 2014 – the best on the web.

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  • Labour told: Drop austerity or face defeat (p1) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Thousands protest over bonfire of justice (p2)
  • Disabled ‘hit hardest’ by tax and cap (p2)
  • Unions begin strike ballots over 1% pay offer (p3)
  • Rally to rid Britain of Atos (p5) – Unite/Mary Ann Lowry cited

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Cable’s Royal Maul (p2)
  • Turn left Ed told (p8) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Visa curbs drive away foreign students (p2)
  • Labour may freeze rail fares (p2) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Pay rises for chiefs in NHS job switch (p8)
  • Back workers or lose, Miliband is warned (p12) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • City regulator savaged by Osborne (p37)
  • UK Coal back on critical list (p41)
  • Matthew cleared for take off from Heathrow after six years (p45)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Labour urged to offer radical vision (p1/2) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Osborne fury over watchdog’s handling of insurance probe (p1)
  • Private patients offered cash to use NHS (p1)
  • Car chiefs re up fight over ‘Brexit’ (p2)
  • The welfare cap replaces political judgment with spin – John Kay (p11)
  • UK Coal appeals for state support (p20)

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