News digest 19 September 2014

News digest 19 September 2014

19 September 2014

There is really only one top story today. Scotland decided and the decision was a resounding ‘No’, well it wasn’t resounding, actually it is a ‘partly’ divided Scotland that moves forward this morning, after all the votes were counted a total of 45 per cent voted ‘Yes’ to independence while 55 per cent voted ‘No’ meaning it’s all change under the auspices of a still ‘United’ Kingdom. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: "The people of Scotland have decided. In voting No, the Scottish people have declared that they regard the bonds of union as having a continued purpose in their lives … there can be no returning to business as usual after today. The Westminster parties of all hues have witnessed a seismic shift in the political culture of these isles, one that must surely hasten the day we can say goodbye to the ruinous political consensus of the past 40 years which has not served our people.”

Unite Scottish secretary Pat Rafferty added: “Unite activism could be seen and heard everywhere across the respective campaigns where the themes of employment, community, equality and social justice were debated and that is something that we are very proud of. The hallmarks of that activism – democratic, informed, passionate and tolerant debate - now need to be carried forward as we accept the result and look to move forward in the weeks and months to come. So as the dust settles, the fight for social justice does not stop and that is where we now need to channel our collective energy.”

There are a couple of other stories in the press worth noting, the Morning Star reports the Gagging Act becomes law today meaning legitimate campaigns may be silenced [so we go from maximum participation in the Scots referendum to silencing dissent in one fell swoop], there’s also the first result of the ballot over NHS pay with Unison members voting to take strike action. The Unite ballot closes on 26 September, expect a strong yes in favour of challenging the freeze imposed by health secretary Jeremy Hunt [remember the multi-millionaire cancelled the proposed paltry one per cent pay ‘rise’], while Labour has pledged that it will force firms bidding for government contracts to pay the Living Wage [any chance it can be raised higher], in terms of housing many papers report that rents are now at record highs [even mortgage lending has jumped as prices are increasingly out of reach], so Britain does need a pay rise and, finally, the Indie once again shows how workers are always treated the worst when companies fail with news that despite the fact the collapsed Phones 4u company is sitting on a cash pile of more than £110 million, staff may not get paid this month, and what it’s the government going to do about that? Absolutely nothing…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

Daily Mirror

Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Scotland decides (p1/6-9)
  • Nurses to walk out over pay (p2)
  • Death of bullied BA steward (p11)
  • Sales of vacuums rise (p57)
  • Phones 4 sale (p57) 






  • Scotland decides (p1-89)
  • After all the hatred, it will be hard to forgive and forget (p28)
  • One day, even Google will go into decline (p29)
  • Phones 4u debt swap ruled out (b1)
  • Slowdown in mortgage lending (b3)
  • Job cuts expected at Lotus (b4)
  • EasyJet plans bigger payout (b5) 

FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Scotland decides (p1)
  • Draghi’s attempt to jump start eurozone falls flat (p1)
  • Tax change hits wealthy homebuyers (p4)
  • Health workers back strike action (p4)
  • How to jump start pay growth (p13)
  • Bayer lines up plastics IPO (p19
  • Fed takes action against Santander unit (p22)
  • Blow to Phones 4u debt for equity swap (p25))

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