News digest 19 March 2014

News digest 19 March 2014

19 March 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for: 

·            Real Britain Ros – Wanted: Budget to end misery of hungry poor - Mirror

·            Osborne should use his budget to regain the initiative from Labour – Allister Heath - Telegraph

·            Eight things you can expect in Wednesday's budget - Guardian

·            Truth behind Osborne’s recovery - Mirror

·             What can we expect from Budget 2014? – Steve Hart - Class

·            Budget 2014: The government is sitting on its hands instead – Tony Burke – Left Foot Forward

·            £1 coin to be replaced - Indie

The mystery of the missing jet and the tension in Crimea continue to feature across most papers, but there’s really only one story in the papers today, and that is George Osborne’s fifth budget which he will outline from 12:30. Many of the papers trail different demands ranging from CND in the Morning Star calling for Trident to be scrapped to the Daily Mirror’s call for the budget to back the end UK hunger campaign. Even the Sun goes with a call for helping ‘working families’ although it goes on to mention small businesses and pensioners. Mary Riddell in the Telegraph says that Osborne needs to show he is on the side of those who suffer, while Daniel Finkelstein in the Times calls the budget a silly gimmick that should be scrapped. The Indie comes closest to looking at the Tory fissure on fiscal policy with the question over the 40p tax rate, but while Osborne may be expected to bask in improving economic figures, the reality on the ground is different, as is shown by a two page spread in the Mirror with record personal debt, a mixed recovery and a continued squeeze on wages all likely to have an impact on that ‘feelgood factor’, Graham Hiscott says the sums don’t add up, well there’s only a couple of hours to see, and while Class chair Steve Hart outlines while Osborne has failed miserably and Unite’s Tony Burke says the government is sitting on its hands instead of supporting British industry in a blog for Left Foot Forward what we do know is that the government needs to offer an end to austerity, start building more homes, buy British and invest in jobs – Britain needs a budget for jobs, homes and hope…

Finally, one  piece of budget news that has been trailed is the announcement that there will be a change to the pound coin which will be replaced with a threepenny style 12-sided version from 2017, I suppose converting the value of the pound in your pocket to three pence is one way of dealing with the deficit…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  • Budget 2014: Axe Trident for millions of jobs (p1)
  • Six months to Scots independence vote poll (p2) – Unite/Pat Rafferty cited
  • Labour slams Osborne for ‘workers better off’ claim (p3)
  • Ambulance workers to walk out (p3) – Unite cited
  • Childcare cash too little (p4)
  • Fears at heart of Con-Dem Britain (p5)
  • The Tory anti-women agenda – Bernadette Horton (p8)
  • Halt the far right in its tracks – Aaron Kiely [on 22 March ant-racism rally] (p9)

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • New pound (p2)
  • Budget trails (p2)
  • Budget: Help working families call (p8)
  • More mystery jet theories (p15))



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Ukraine on war footing (p1)
  • Hunt orders NHS to cut night bed moves (p2)
  • Tory fury over Osborne’s tax plan (p9)
  • Missing aircraft ‘sightings’ add to confusion (p13)
  • Ministers used dodgy figures to justify cuts in legal aid (p22)
  • Ditch the budget; it’s just a silly gimmick  – Daniel Finkelstein (p25)
  • Carnet rings changes at BoE (p35)Europe’s protectionist rules could cost 200,000 jobs (p40)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Carney warns of growing risks (p1)
  • Crime annexed (p1)
  • Budget checklist (p2)
  • UK lenders gear up for wave of IPOS (p17)(p)
  • Grocery price wars (p20)

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