News digest 18 December 2013

News digest 18 December 2013

18 December 2013

The main story in today’s digest is the YouGov poll which shows there is a cross party consensus across the general public for raising the national minimum wage to counteract the rise of food bank Britain. The poll, commissioned by Unite, found 82 per cent of people believe the national minimum wage should be raised to tackle food poverty, with around three quarters blaming the increase in food bank use on rising living costs and food prices. The findings prompted Unite to call for an immediate increase in the minimum wage to tackle the growing cost of living crisis, and that call comes as parliament is due to debate the rise in food banks today. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey  said: “The rise of food bank use in the UK is the surest sign that this government’s austerity programme and cost of living crisis is causing genuine human misery. The so called recovery is passing ordinary people by as this government sets the people of this country on a path to poverty. It is now high time Britain got a pay rise. Raising the minimum wage by £1.50 will put food on tables and cut the social security bill by £5 billion. As this poll shows, it would be politically popular and is a no brainer.” Unite has been backing the campaign run by the Daily Mirror and the Trussell Trust to press for a national inquiry into the rising use of food banks. A staggering 141,000 people signed the petition calling for this in only a few days, prompting Labour to demand an opposition debate into the matter which takes place today, the Mirror will be liveblogging the debate and if you haven’t already you can still donate to the Unite Christmas appeal...

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  • Heathrow: Community betrayed (p1)
  • UPS staff calls off strike (p2) – Unite/Onay Kasab cited
  • Lloyds sale cost public pocket £230 million (p5)
  • Cable drops apprentice loan scheme (p5)
  • Inflation hits four year low (p5)

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Stem Immigration of exit EU debate (p1)
  • Fracking in England (p2)
  • Balls given nine months to save his job (p8)
  • Heath-row (p12)
  • ONS: Salary squeeze to ease (p40)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Fracking licences to be offered for 40 per cent of Britain (p2)
  • Migrant population soars (p8)
  • MPs outraged over bill to lift votes for prisoners (p21)
  • Do we want the state to run politics? – Daniel Finkelstein (p27)
  • Britain should not have a two-child policy (p29)
  • Osborne called to account for Lloyds share sale profit (p39)
  • Inflation falls (p40)
  • Network Rail bosses to have bonuses vetted (p43)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Gatwick or Heathrow? (p2)
  • Sajid Javid interviewed (p3)
  • GSK China probe flags up wider worries (p19)
  • Tesco to test retail waters in India (p22) 

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