News digest 17 September 2013

News digest 17 September 2013

17 September 2013

Many of the papers focus on the shooting at a US naval yard in the US. 12 people as well as the gunman were killed in yet another mass shooting, this time in the heart of the capital Washington DC. Commiserations to family and friends of all the victims which will drive yet another call for gun control across the country.

Over in the UK and the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow continues with a clash between deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and business secretary Vince Cable. With Cable angling for the leadership it was up to Clegg to slap him down which he did by forcing him to come to the economy debate, Cable in his address attacked the Tories calling them ugly, nasty and blinkered and said the coalition may not last as long as 2015 but the Times calls Cable bruised and the Guardian sums conference up as ‘Forget it Vince; it's Clegg-town’, Stephen Glover in the Indie goes for the jugular calling Cable “the most disloyal and devious politician of our times”.

And dealing with devious politicians late yesterday chancellor George Osborne slipped out a quick announcement that he was selling a first tranche of government shares in Lloyds Banking Group. Commenting, Unite's national officer for the finance industry Dominic Hook said: "This announcement will come as a shock to Lloyds workers. They have worked very hard to put this bank back together again. What exactly is this government's banking policy? Is it to reform the industry so that it works for the good of the nation? Or is if to fire sell these shares to make George Osborne's balance sheet look good? His moves now, as parliament is in recess and so not able to offer scrutiny will raise suspicions that he is playing fast and loose with the taxpayers' money for his own short-term political purposes.”

And there are a slew of banking stories in the press today, many of the papers focus on yet another bail out plan for the troubled Co-op bank, while the front of the Times reports that Barclays has had to refund 300,000 customers over a loans blunder. Barclays has also been fined £50 million for ‘reckless’ behaviour during its 2008 fundraisings, but this is all small change against the £3.3 billion the government hopes to make from the sale of its Lloyds shares. Looks like Osborne wants to spin some good news for the Tory party conference...

 Morning Star

  • Police swoop on Hovis pickets (p1)
  • Benefit fraud could get you 10 years in jail (p2)
  • 1,000 civil service jobs could go [offshoring deal] (p2)
  • Clegg sees off spending cuts challenge (p4)
  • Scrap the bedroom tax, housing chiefs urge Lib Dems (p5)
  • Victory in sight as glass strike on hold (p4) – Unite/Tas Sangha cited
  • Reviving grass roots is healthy for politics, but when will Labour get the message (p9) – Unite cited
  • AFL-CIO pushes to reverse decline in workers’ rights – Blake Deppe (p9)

 Daily Mirror

 Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Unveiled, Sun campaign on veils (p1/4-6)
  • Landlord tax blitz (p2)
  • Jeremy Clarkson considers Clegg challenge (p2)
  • Lloyds in £3 billion cashback (p8)
  • 13 dead in Navy gun hell (p8-9)
  • New Co-op rescue deal (p40)



 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Barclays refunds 300,000 over loan blunder (p1)
  • 12 dead in shooting spree (p1/32)
  • Lloyds heralds back to private hands (p4)
  • Judge bans veil (p6)
  • Bruised Cable in battle to recover from humiliation (p14-15)
  • Bishop attacks Gove on use of food banks (p17)
  • Clegg is becoming the heir to Blair – Rachel Sylvester (p27)
  • Barclays hid true nature of £322 million paid to Qatar (p39)
  • Co-op faces fresh pressure (p43)
  • Ryanair wins Stansted deal (p45)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Clamour for Lloyds sale is vote of confidence in UK (p1/2)
  • Hodge denounces corporate tax reforms (p2)
  • Clegg disquiet over Help to Buy (p3)
  • Cable strikes at hated Tories (p4)
  • Pressure on EADS over Dassault sale (p21)

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