News digest 17 October 2014

News digest 17 October 2014

17 October 2014

So the countdown to the #18Oct ‘Britain needs a pay rise’ march and rally is ticking down. At noon tomorrow thousands of people will take to the streets of London [as well as Glasgow & Belfast] to demand jobs, homes, health and hope as they call on the government to end its austerity addiction and a recovery solely for the rich. Instead, Britain needs a proper pay rise and an economic recovery that benefits the majority and an economy built on secure, decent paid jobs. So join Unite and thousands more tomorrow and march for jobs, homes, health and hope… And if you need another reason to join the rally then look no further than the front page of the Morning Star which – like many papers – features Simon Peckham, CEO of Melrose, who is paid more for an hour than a worker on the living wage is paid for a whole year’s work, yes really. Or how about getting angry over fuel bills, many papers report that although we are using less energy our bills have increased by 50 per cent in the past decade, that’s why Britain’s workers need a proper pay rise. The Guardian notes people should be prepared for an interest rate rise, but with many struggling to pay their mortgages and rising rents the mantra is the same, yes, Britain needs a pay rise, and while Lord Freud clings to his job, the Tories continue to celebrate in their inimitable ways with the Mirror reporting the posh fundraising ball where one attendee said: “ Prosecco? We’re Tories, we only drink champers” and this at the same time as the Mirror also reports that the poorest are hit hardest – the Unite/Mirror #18Oct supplement highlights that Britain's poorest people are suffering – so it's time to make a stand and includes call from Unite general secretary Len McCluskey saying it’s time to challenge the Tory’s austerity addiction saying simple: “Let’s not give up hope of a better future.” So march with us tomorrow…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • PM’s EU showdown (p12)
  • Labour plan to give footie back to fans (p8)
  • Tycoon flogs Tesco shares (p17)
  • FTSE gets booted again (p55)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Jihadists threatened with trials for treason (p1)
  • Energy bills rise 50% in 10 years even though we use less (p4)
  • Balls may face axe amid rumours of Labour reshuffle (p5)
  • Future of the NHS (p18-19)
  • Buffett empties his Tesco trolley (p43)
  • Crude drops nearer to $80 ‘floor’ (p44)
  • Ferrovial completes BAA breakup (p47)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Market unrest (p1)
  • Cameron warned of Tory revolt over EU (p1)
  • Miliband struggles to reconcile competing camps (p3) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Treasury accused of lack of clarity over pensions (p17)

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