News digest 17 December 2014

News digest 17 December 2014

17 December 2014

The digest starts on a sombre note with many of the papers focused on foreign affairs. Following the siege in Sydney on Monday many papers still detail developments], most of the front pages are devoted to the attack on a school in Pakistan yesterday which resulted in the deaths of 132 children and nine staff.

Back in the UK and there’s good coverage of the join Unite/Grazia equal pay campaign. The rally at parliament which featured both original campaigners for equal pay from the 1960s Dagenham strike as well as stars of the stage version currently running in the West End, features on the front page of the Morning Star as well as in the Times, Indie, Guardian and Telegraph. The good news is parliament voted 258 to 8 in favour of the equal pay bill which requires employers with over 250 workers to publish wage data, which would shine a light on any existing gender pay gap within the organisation and the reasons behind it. Siobhan Endean, national officer for equalities, said: “It’s 46 years since this union’s members at Ford began their fight to close the gender wage gap. It is a disgrace that all these years later, women are still fighting for a fair deal. Our wages are vitally important to the household income but underpaying and undervaluing the work we do still goes on.  Worse, this government appears to be doing next to nothing to address this.”

And still focused on parliament and the ‘yellow’ Tory half of the government looks like it will do next to nothing for people facing the unfair and cruel bedroom tax. Labour is pushing a motion to axe the hated tax today and despite some warm words from the Lib Dems it looks like they are reverting to their old ways of saying one thing and doing another. If they don’t join Labour to vote against the hated tax, remember that on 7 May…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror (not delivered)

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • 132 pupils massacred (p1-3)
  • McVotes ban (p8)
  • Foreign nurses rush to take jobs (p8)
  • G4S trio cleared of killing refugee (p17)
  • The Sun visits marginal seats (p22-23)
  • Fuel cut demand (p27)
  • Co-op fails Armageddon test (p43)
  • Wonga’s fees slashed (p43)


  Mail (not delivered)

  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Taliban kills 132 children in school attack (p1)
  • Shockwaves over draft Chilcot report (p1)
  • Inflation at 12-year low (p4)
  • English MPs want veto before Scots get powers (p6)
  • Dagenham star still fighting for equal pay (p15)
  • Fiasco of town hall pension schemes heading for £47bn failure (p16)
  • NHS accused of panic buying thousands of foreign nurses (p18)
  • Ukip does not have monopoly on fruitcakes – Daniel Finkelstein (p27)
  • Currency rout sends Moscow into panic (p37)
  • Banks facing profit wipeout (p40)
  • Train contracts pose £10.5bn risk to taxpayer (p44)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Russian financial crisis (p1)
  • Inflation at 12-yaer low (p3)
  • Cameron rejects plan to remodel policing (p4)
  • Make policy for real, not ideal, humans – Martin Wolf (p13)
  • BoE warns on emerging markets (p17)
  • John Lewis sales dip (p22)

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