News digest 17 April 2014

News digest 17 April 2014

17 April 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Is pay rising? Here’s how to figure out who’s better off – Ben Chu - Independent

·                Cameron puts God back into politics - Telegraph

·                Food bank charity ‘misleading the public’ - Mail

·                The rise of food bank Britain – Morning Star

·                Starbucks HQ relocation to UK 'will generate negligible tax revenue' - Guardian

So pay rose ahead of inflation, or did it really? Many of the papers argue whether there really has been a rise. While figures released yesterday showed pay rose by 1.7 per cent in February, ahead of the March CPI inflation rate of 1.6 per cent, the reality was that included bonuses (which not all workers get) and was behind the more representative 2.5 per cent increase in RPI (which also includes housing costs which are rising like a rollercoaster whether you want to rent or buy). At the same time there was a drop of 77,000 in the number of people out of work to a five year low of 2.24 million, or 6.9 per cent, however looking behind the figures the reality showed a sharp rise in part-time and self-employed workers. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: "There will be no sighs of relief from families struggling to get by in the face of the biggest squeeze in living standards since the Victorian era. While the fall in unemployment is welcome, it can’t hide the fact that nearly 900,000 of our young people are still on the dole and that for many the recovery is simply passing them by. Over a million people want to work full-time, but are forced to work part-time as the world of zero hours and insecure work takes a firm hold ... we need to give people dignity and put money in their pockets with decent jobs that pay decent wages.”

And talking of dignity and decent jobs and pay, it seems that prime minister David Cameron has decided to put God back into politics – or so the headline in the Telegraph would have us believe - but if that were really the case then why does there seem to be a wholesale attack on the rise in the use of food banks across the right wing press, The Mail claims the Trussel Trust is ‘misleading the public’ and Edwina Currie in the Sun is joined by Stephen Glover in the Mail and Leo McKinstry in the Express. Is it because they are embarrassed about what is happening in one of the richest economies in the world? Fat chance, but the Con-Dem coalition and its cronies should be shocked by the fact people thousands more people are being forced to rely on food banks right across the country. Cameron should wake up and smell the coffee of what is really happening…

Speaking of which coffee chain Starbucks yesterday announced it will move its European headquarters from Amsterdam to London, this comes after the company elected to pay £5 million in tax last year, its first payment since 2009, apparently it hopes the shift will end an ongoing boycott that has hit its UK operations, perhaps it should pay a bit more back tax, don’t bank on that, there’s still some £32 billion missing from government coffers (obviously not all down to Starbucks!) and if the government cracked down on the tax avoiders more steadfastly then there would be more money to go round for the majority of the people in the country rather than just left in the hands of the rich elite, well, we can dream (or we can make sure the Con-Dem coalition is voted out at the next election)…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

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  • Unemployment at five year low (p2)
  • Food banks are a mistake – Edwina Currie (p6)
  • Sexism UK: Louise Mensch hits back (p14)
  • ‘300 ferry kids’ doomed in Korea (p20-21)
  • Tesco sales dive (p27)
  • Ed Balls in crash quiz (p31)
  • Starbucks to cough up taxes (p52)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Recovery brings rate rise closer (p1)
  • Mystery over Ukip donation (p9)
  • Police investigate Balls over accident (p14)
  • Former Co-op boss charged (p18)
  • US firms lobby Cameron over plain pack cigs (p26)
  • Ukrainian troops defect (p35)
  • Tesco chief to fight on (p43)
  • Numbers I work rise at record pace (p44)
  • Heathrow flight prices ‘to soar’ (p46)




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  • Do the jobs figures add up? (b4)
  • Tesco troubles (b5)

  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Starbucks shifts to London in quest for higher profits (p1)
  • Recovery passes milestone (p3)
  • Flowers charged (p4)
  • Tesco chief undaunted by drop in profits (p17)
  • Springer afraid of Google (p20)
  • Metso rejects Weir offer (p22)

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