News digest 16 September 2014

News digest 16 September 2014

16 September 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                David Cameron makes emotional plea to Scotland as independence vote looms - Guardian

·                Plea for time to vote in Scots referendum – Morning Star

·                Tories race to big lead over Labour on the economy - Express

·                Bank blames high household debt for depth of Britain’s recession – Indie

·                Phones 4u: Why I blame the private equity leeches – Alex Brummer [not online yet]

There’s a mixture of stories vying for today’s front pages with many of the tabloids focusing on the murder of two British backpackers in Thailand while the ongoing response to Isil dominates many of the broadsheets. The other big story which takes up most newsprint inside is the Scots referendum and the FT sums it up as a triple shock for the world’s economies with growth in the eurozone hit by sanctions over Ukraine, the ongoing Middle East crisis on global growth and the closeness of the Scottish referendum on independence and what that could mean. Unite Scottish secretary Pat Rafferty is quoted in the Moring Star calling for workers to be given the maximum flexibility at work to be able to go out and vote: “We can say with absolute certainty that the turnout at polling stations across Scotland on Thursday will be unprecedented, reflected by the Electoral Commission’s registration figures and by our own internal polling. The eyes of the world will be on Scotland so we must avoid the problems which marred the 2010 general election when people were turned away from polling stations as the polls closed despite queuing for hours – that would be a travesty.” Most definitely.

Away from the Scots poll another one could cause concern for Labour as the Tories have taken a strong lead over Labour on economic competence. The same time the poll put the two parties neck and neck on 33 per cent meaning that whatever the result of Scots referendum the 2015 general election is looking very close. The conference  season starts soon so that will give the parties the time to shine or fall, it’s all to play for.

Away from politics and looking more closely at economics, a number of papers report on the view of the Bank of England that the recession was prolonged as people had racked up too much debt [not the banks then?], no mention of whether it thinks the people deserve a pay rise but the simple answer is that ordinary working people do, get set for the march and rally on 18 October…

And if the recovery was so strong then why has another high street chain fallen? The collapse of Phones 4u features in many papers with the founder accusing the ‘bully boy’ mobile phone industry of colluding to cause the demise of the company, shockingly for once the Daily Mail hits the nail on the head with Alex Brummer summing it up as: “Why I blame the private equity leeches.” saying the private equity partners have milked the company for all they could, how very very true…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Another hostage seized (p1)
  • Sob Tory: Cameron’s final plea to Scots (p2/10-11)
  • Phones 4u victims thrown a lifeline (p6)
  • Payback time over passports (p20)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • We’re powerless to save hostage, says Hammond (p1)
  • Unionists outgunned in final push for Scotland (p1/6-10)
  • Tories double lead over Labour on economy (p2)
  • Passport office ‘should cut prices, not make a profit’ (p2)
  • Islamist terror (p12-15)
  • Highest-earning MP and celeb chef in ‘tax avoidance scheme’ (p19)
  • Economy races away after strong recovery (p20)
  • Cocky Cameron surrenders keys to the kingdom – Rachel Sylvester (p29)
  • Two days to save Phones 4u (p41)
  • Public sector pensions bill threatens to hit $100bn (p45)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Triple shock for world economies (p1)
  • Cameron in pitch to Scots as blame game begins (p1-3)
  • BoE signals dim view of household debt (p4)
  • A bad time to break up Britain – Gideon Rachman (p11)
  • Phones 4u founder urges probe into ‘bully boy’ actions (p15)
  • Air France strike ground 505 of flights (p18)
  • Autoparts suppliers agree deal (p20)

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