News digest 16 July 2014

News digest 16 July 2014

16 July 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                David Cameron axes Michael Gove in reshuffle after toxic poll warning – Guardian

·                A shabby day’s work Cameron will live to regret – Max Hastings - Mail

·                Legal aid residence test 'discriminatory and unlawful', high court rules – Guardian

·                Loan sharks let off the hook - Mirror

·                Pound soars - Indie

·                German sausage cartel caught bangers to rights – Guardian

·                Snoopers’ charter rushed through - Indie

Today’s digest finalises the details on the reshuffle. There is acres of coverage much of it does not make too good reading for prime minister David Cameron as his intention to refresh his team and clear out what the Express termed his “pale, male and stale” cabinet by appointing a number of women to prominent roles was overshadowed by the effective sacking of former education secretary Michael Gove who is now the chief whip, but not a full cabinet member. In the end only two additional women made it in to the cabinet, with Liz Truss appointed as environment secretary and Nicky Morgan as education secretary, while Esther McVey who had been touted as getting a key role, is allowed to attend cabinet, but is not actually in it. Max Hastings in the Mail is damning, calling the reshuffle a “a shabby day’s work Cameron will live to regret”, but it is best summed up in the words of Unite general secretary Len McCluskey: “Behind the reshuffle spin is a Conservative party more interested in giving tax breaks to millionaires than tackling the shocking rise of food banks or the wage siege gripping the nation’s households. Any idea that the Conservative party can be ‘compassionate’ has been holed beneath the water by this cynical reshuffle which signals a further lurch to right by David Cameron’s Tories. It offers nothing to the British people and confirms that the Tories will be going into the next election with an anti-worker, Thatcherite agenda.”

In other news:

·         Bedroom tax report sneaked out : Under cover of the reshuffle, Iain Duncan Smith’s department snuck out a report that highlighted the damning effects and failure of the bedroom tax. IDS should have been reshuffled out, he truly is toxic in his role.

·         Legal aid curb unlawful: Yet another example of how the government not only does not know what it is doing, but is also incompetent as well, having introduced rules that are not legal, and off all people it was the justice secretary. Grayling should be ashamed of himself, and go.

·         Loan sharks let off the hook: While the Sun claims payday lenders may be hit by the cap on rates, most of the papers say the new regulations are still not tight enough, go to a credit union instead.

·         Pound soars: And while payday lenders can’t charge as much, sterling is continuing to soar as the latest rise in inflation and positive jobs figures lead to expectations of a rise in interest rates, but could that choke off the recovery?

·         German Sausage makers fined: And many Germans may be choking on their sausages after a number of papers report that a series of sausage makers who were part of price fixing cartel have been fined 338 million for colluding over fixing prices.

·         Snooper’s charter rushed through: And from fixing prices to fixing bills and the surveillance bill got cross party backing passing by 436 to 49 votes, well done to those that refused to back the bill; the safeguards are still not good enough.

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

Daily Mirror

Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Reshuffle: Gove forced out by toxic fears (p/6-72)
  • Pay day firms could be doomed by rate cap (p8)
  • Carney: House prices top worry (p43)
  • Imperial Tobacco buys US cig brands (p43) 



Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Gove axed from education (p1/6-11)
  • Legal aid curb unlawful (p19)
  • Hague’s two faces are the two faces of Toryism – Daniel Finkelstein (p25)
  • Stansted eyes share of long haul flights (p35)
  • Imperial bags Blu (p37)
  • Mixed welcome for tough rules on payday lenders (p41) 




FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron steps up EU reform push (p1-2)
  • Rate rise expectation grows (p3)
  • Banks poised to offer payday loans (p4)
  • $27bn Reynolds-Lorillard deal (p15)
  • Volkswagen in urgent need of makeover (p17)
  • Co-op to keep lay board members (p19)

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