News digest 16 January 2015

News digest 16 January 2015

16 January 2015

Today’s digest opens with a call to find the missing million, that’s the estimated total of people that have vanished from the electoral roll after the government introduced a new system of individual electoral registration. The Indie covers the story on the front page highlighting how students and renters (and young people in general) are the most likely to be disenfranchised and the Labour party has voiced fears that the changes are playing into the Tories’ hands. There is a simple solution, and that is register to vote and unlike the actual vote you can register online, it takes three minutes so go:

In other political news, prime minister David Cameron is enjoying his meeting [or phot opportunity] with president Barack Obama in the US with a focus on challenging cyber terrorism, while back in the UK the NHS is still in crisis, with the Mirror reporting chancellor George Osborne kind of apologising but then saying the crisis was the fault of patients going to A&E. How nice.

On the industrial front Osborne has been asked to help support the North Sea oil sector after the collapse in oil prices has hit not just profitability, but the viability of operations. Unite’s Pat Rafferty said: “People are paying with their livelihoods, because of a failure by the oil majors and the Westminster government to prepare for a fall in oil prices. They’ve made hay while the sun shone, but put aside little for a rainy day. The UK government needs to intervene urgently to support the industry.”

And support in terms of job cuts at Cadbury has been provided after Unite secured a deal over the loss of some 200 jobs at the company’s Bournville plant, although that will help secure the plant’s future for the next 25 years. The Mirror sums it up with the headline: “Cadbury to make 200 Bournville workers redundant - with average payoff of £100,000” and notes that there will be no compulsory redundancies. Unite’s Joe Clarke said: “It’s a good deal from our members’ point of view. Anybody who wants to go can go, anybody who wants to stay can stay.” Nuff said.

Not so good news for industry, the Indie slates the government for its inaction over Sheffield Forgemasters, while the FT reports that Bombardier is being forced to make cuts in its aerospace and defence division, with petrol prices dropping the car industry may do better with the FT also saying US firms are looking to take Germany’s crown in the luxury car market, but not so good news on the trains where commuters are feeling the squeeze, then again the FT also reports that there is one method of dealing with excess demand, but it could have a risk. Direct Rail Services has offered to help out by carrying passengers on it strains in northern England, there is a catch, DRS transports the country’s nuclear waste, so if you leave the train with a warm glow it may not be the Ready Brek you had for breakfast, just saying…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun  (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Vote rule hits 1m (p2)
  • Osborne: Trim more furl bills (p4)
  • Private hospital’s dire report ‘by biased docs’ (p15)
  • Council offices firebombed (p20)
  • Argos Xmas dip (p55)
  • Grab a granny bond (p55)



  Time (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne ready to back Boris as leader (p2)
  • Miliband fears young will miss the vote (p4)
  • London risks overcrowding (p12)
  • Greens overtake Ukip in membership numbers (p15)
  • Markets in chaos (p35)
  • BP cuts 300 jobs (p38) – Unite cited
  • Pressure on RBS (p42)
  • ABF in sweet spot (p43)
  • Cadbury job cuts (p46)




  • Whitehall’s £1bn spree to spend foreign aid (p1)
  • A&E crisis continues (p2)
  • BBC gives Ukip equal share of coverage (p4)
  • Rural rebate to cut petrol price by 5p a litre (p8)
  • The Tories are treating their proudest boast as a dirty secret – Fraser Nelson (p20)
  • Swiss markets plummet (b1)
  • BP to cut 300 North Sea jobs (b3)
  • Top 50 LGBT executives list (x1-4)

  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Markets rocked by Swiss bank move (p1)
  • CoE bares teeth at coalition over inequality (p2)
  • Miliband on electoral ‘scandal’ (p2)
  • Urgent review of North Sea oil risk (p3)
  • Nuclear waste train to carry passengers (p4)
  • Tullow writes off $2.7bn (p15)
  • Bombardier dives 25% after profit warning (p16)
  • US pretenders target German crown (p19)
  • BT faces tighter Ofcom rules (p20)  

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