News digest 16 August 2013

News digest 16 August 2013

16 August 2013

Many of the papers continue to cover the carnage in Cairo and the growing instability in Egypt, although most are agreed that western leaders are struggling over how to respond. The US has cancelled joint military exercises, but the question is whether to stop military aid or aims sales or leave the country to its own devices, it’s not looking good.

The other major story featured in all the papers is the latest round of A-level results – congratulations to all. And while the majority of papers continue to focus on pictures of happy young students – mainly female – the  front of the Times has a picture of celebrating boys reflecting the trend that boys are actually doing better in grades. This does in part reflect the fact that has been a greater focus on ‘traditional’ subjects like history and maths – rather than so-called easier subjects such as media studies and the like -  but the real difference is a growing gender gap in terms of subjects (boys focus on maths and science and girls on English and creative subjects) and boys also extending their lead over girls in the number of A* grades awarded.

And the gender divide has led to the latest row for Ukip after the party’s multi-millionaire treasure Stuart Wheeler said women are not ‘pushy enough’ to succeed in business because they were not good enough at competitive sports like chess and poker. Royal College of GPs chair Dr Clare Gerada slapped him down by noting that her 83-year old mother happens to be a repeat bridge champion. Ukip leader has distanced himself from the comments, but the way it is going every time a Ukip politician speaks up the aim is to put his foot in his mouth.

And if that sounds painful, then even worse is the fact that hospital waiting times in England have now reached a five year high. Almost 2.9 million people were on the operating waiting list in June, some 250,000 more than at the same last year. As ever never trust the Tories with the NHS, and pledge to join the march in Manchester on 29 September as thousands gather to #SaveOurNHS. No sign of a response from health secretary Hunt.

And talking of vanishing a few papers report communities secretary Eric Pickles has latched on to concerns about bins, which he says are blighting our streets and front gardens. He is looking at plans to make households hide ‘ugly’ wheeliebins, although there’s no confirmation of the supposed rumour that his department plans to send out life size cut-outs of Pickles to every household to help achieve that aim, then again you never know with this shower…

 Morning Star

 Daily Mirror

 Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Cairo carnage (p2)
  • Grades dip (p17)
  • Fire chief’s plan to break strikes (p31)
  • 170 Thomson reps axed (p42)



 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron targets migrant benefits (p1)
  • A-level results: History boys (p1)
  • Pickles sets out plans on hiding bins (p9)
  • Jobs after jail scheme fails 96 per cent (p18)
  • Be your own man, Ed – Philip Collins [on Miliband] (p 23) – Unite cited
  • Stench of death fills Cairo air (p28-29)
  • Markets on alert over threat to end stimulus (p35)
  • Ryanair in fight with whistleblower (p35)
  • Britain building again as 100,000 new homes go up (p39)




  • Tougher A-levels pass the grade (p1/6-7)
  • I’ll drive wheelie bins off the streets, says Pickles (p1)
  • One in five deaths may be due to obesity (p2)
  • NHS waiting lists longest in five years (p4)
  • Cameron to put migrant welfare benefits at centre of EU talks (p8)
  • Miliband slumps to last in leaders popularity poll (p10)
  • Promote women, but not the wrong ones – Isabel Hardman (p21)
  • Global stock tumble (b1)
  • Amazon is Britain’s most influential retailer (b2)
  • Cineworld profits lifted (b3)
  • Aviva deal to sell US arm moves closer (b3)
  • Ryanair sacks pilot (b5)
  • Imperial to launch e-cigarette (b5)

 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Market’s drop (p1)
  • Barbecue boost to July retail sales (p2)
  • Top grades fall as pupils pick tougher subjects (p3)
  • ‘Zombie bank’ UKAR adds its own colours to B&B (p13)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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