News digest 15 July 2014

News digest 15 July 2014

15 July 2014

Today’s digest is all about the reshuffle which is moving on as the morning progresses. Last night was a massacre of ministers that had risen without trace, while big beast Tory grandees like Ken Clarke that Cameron could not afford to keep [even if he needed their experience] were also shown the door, and then came the not too amazing surprise of the resignation of William Hague as foreign secretary [he will stay as leader of the house until the general election], but the news that is also when he will also stand down from the Commons [obviously to make more money from public speaking]. What does that say about his thoughts on the likelihood of a Tory general election victory? The resignation of Hague has somewhat overshadowed Cameron’s other message which is to raise the profile of women attending cabinet, but it seems rather than give them portfolios attending is all many will be doing, especially as its only 10 months to the election so not much chance to stamp their imprint on policy, well done Dave…

Other changes see Philip Hammond step up to become foreign secretary, Michael Fallon replaces him as defence secretary. More interestingly Michael Gove is to move to chief whip after four years of destroying the education sector [watch out for cheers from teachers across the country], the first of the women to be promoted was Nicky Morgan who becomes the new education secretary, the fun and games continue…

Other political news includes:

·         Butler-Sloss quits: Peer quits child abuse inquiry resulting in the inquiry lacking a chair calling into question not only home secretary Theresa May’s judgement, but that of Cameron too.

·         Women bishops backed: The General Synod of the Church of England votes to approve the consecration of women bishops breaking with nearly 2,000 years of tradition.

On the economic front:

·         US suitor wins Shire: £31 billion mega-merger sees pharma company Shire’s board accept a bid from US based AbbVie. Not furore unlike for Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

·         Land Registry sale shelved: Fall out over failed Royal Mail sale puts privatisation on hold, although the Morning Star reports that the government’s shares in Eurostar may be about to be offloaded.

·         Farnborough gives Airbus a lift: More orders for the European based manufacturer.

·         Wonga puppets pop off: As pay day lender the Money Shop was told to repay over £700,000 for breaking rules on short term loans, and with new restrictions on the sector, payday lender Wonga is to change its focus with new chief exec Andy Haste saying the company needed to change. The old puppets about to be retired, what’s the bet they get no pension, but the real question is whether interest rates will be capped…

Pensioners party while teens are in trouble: And finally, many of the papers cover what is termed a shocking report that really damns the future for the country’s young people. The Sun asks Y has it all gone wrong in a reference to ‘Generation Y’ which reveals that today’s 18-30 year olds are earning less than pensioners, have faced a 20 per cent drop in income (pensioners have fallen by just one per cent) and have seen a collapse in home ownership from some 45 per cent in the 1990s to just 21 per cent now. That’s what we have after four years of the Con-Dem coalition, no reshuffle will mask that record…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

Don’t forget to send messages of solidarity to the locked out biomedical scientists, demonstrating this morning against the heartless lock out at Northampton General Hospital, sign the petition backing the scientists.

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Hague goes in PM cull (p1-2)
  • Women bishops get voted in (p6)
  • Generation Y earns less than OAPs (p8-9)
  • Wonga puppets get the chop (p43)
  • Shire buyer a flyer (p43)



Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Hague quits in cabinet cull (p1-2)
  • Church votes for women bishops (p1)
  • Child abuse inquiry thrown into chaos (p8-9)
  • Miliband will not lead Labour to victory, says top Blairite (p17)
  • A token reshuffle does nothing for women – Rachel Sylvester (p21)
  • Shire bows to mega-merger (p33)
  • Treasury launches review of ‘damaging’ North Sea taxes (p37)
  • Wonga axes puppets (p40)
  • Farnborough coverage (p41) 




FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Hague to step down in cabinet makeover (p1)
  • Grey voters in the black as working people feel post-crisis income blues (p1)
  • Peer resigns from abuse inquiry (p2)
  • Land Registry sell of shelved (p4)
  • World without water analysis (p10-11)
  • Can you slay a dragon twice (p12) – Unite cited

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