News digest 15 April 2014

News digest 15 April 2014

15 April 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Co-op bank workers demand changes – Morning Star

·                Labour’s cost of living strategy in ‘tatters’ as wages rise - Mail

·                Why Labour won't stop talking about the cost of living crisis – Ed Balls – Guardian

·                Boss at scandal struck G4S gets £1.5 million for eight months work – Indie

·                40,000 families lose handouts in benefits war - Express

·                NHS faces financial crisis in 2015 – Indie

·                Support for Tories falls 3% after post-budget bounce - Guardian

The top story in today’s digest concerns the proposed reforms at the Co-op with wide coverage of the call from Unite members working for the company to back the Myners’ proposals. Unite national officer Adrian Jones warned: “The vast majority of our members appreciate the unique ethos of the Co-op and its’ values and ethics are held in great regard. However the recent public politicking has caused great anguish for our members who fear that the board level power struggle is putting their livelihoods at risk. “The future of the Co-op is not just about the make up of the board and the influence or perceived influence of regional boards and independent societies.  It is also about the families of thousands of Co-op workers whose futures are on a knife edge ... unless the review is completed, there will be no chance of the Co-op being able to compete in such a cut-throat sector.” will the regional board members listen?

And also in the headlines is the latest inflation data, UK CPI fell to 1.6 per cent in March raising hopes in the government that wage rises will finally outstrip inflation, figures for total earnings are due tomorrow but while the Mail tries to argue this means Labour’s ‘cost of living crisis campaign is in tatters’ shadow chancellor Ed Balls argues in the Guardian that ‘Labour will continue to talk about the cost of living crisis’. The reality is that while the data tomorrow may show wage rises have finally overtaken inflation for the first time since April 2010, it will take a lot longer before they catch up with reality, especially as inflation figures don’t take into account rents or house prices, both of which have gone through the roof, and the figures also include bonuses for the City elite – many of the papers report on the reward for failure for the G4S boss who got a 23 per cent pay rise despite the overcharging scandal - once those bumper bonuses are all taken out then there probably aren’t many pennies left in ordinary workers’ pocket…

And it is even worse for disabled people, as the benefit cuts bite the Sun reports on research that shows disabled people have to spend £550-a-month more than other people to buy essentials, sadly it is disabled people that have borne the brunt of the cuts on top of which the Express notes that 40,000 families gave been impacted by benefit changes, Ian Sinclair in the Morning Star highlights the ‘better off on benefits’ lie.

And talking of lies, remember prime minister David Cameron’s pledge to cut the deficit and not the NHS, well we all know the reverse is true and the precarious nature of the NHS is highlighted by front page splashes in both the Mirror and the Indie which highlight the depth of cuts to the service on patient care and the coming financial crisis as profits rather than patient care becomes the target. The only way to save the NHS is get rid of the shambles of a Con-Dem coalition, but it’s still 13 long months to the general election and while Osborne is looking to offer tax cuts according to the Mail, the Guardian says the Tories are still stumbling in the polls, let’s hope that continues…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Crisis deepens in Ukraine (p2)]
  • Benefit cap fits (p6)
  • NHS cut warning (p6)
  • Buy to leave (p12-13)
  • Being disabled costs £550 a month more (p27)
  • Peugeot slashes product range (p40)
  • Pay tops inflation (p40)






  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Firms in dash to beat tax crackdown (p1)
  • Pro-Russia separatists strengthen their grip (p1)
  • Anger at G4S chief pay rise (p2)
  • Clegg vows to stay party leader (p2)
  • Coulson quizzed (p4)
  • Sports Direct profiled (p14) – Unite cited
  • Turning point for French and Italian cars (p20)
  • GSK hit by bribery allegations (p22)

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