News digest 14 July 2014

News digest 14 July 2014

14 July 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                World Cup 2014: Mario Götze's stunner wins cup for Germany for fourth time - Guardian

·                Stop the Gaza massacre – Morning Star

·                #NoVoteNoVoice campaign launches - Mirror

·                The economy is slowing – David Blanchflower – Indie

·                Blacklisted site workers offered ‘cheap pay offs’ – Indie

·                Mirror wins TUC award - Mirror

Today’s digest opens with a foreign focus as the main news of the day is from overseas. All the papers feature Germany’s victory in the football World Cup with scenes of joy in Brazil (and Berlin) after the 1-0 victory over Argentina last night, expect a lot of sore heads this morning. Sadly the other main foreign news is the increasing disaster in Gaza as Israeli troops pound Palestine, thousands of people are fleeing their homes in northern Gaza after Israel warned it would be launching a new offensive against Hamas rocket sites, sadly what the Indie terms ‘the vicious strife’ in Gaza continues to escalate, almost 170 people have died with over 1,100 injured, a senior Israeli officer said his forces would “strike with might”, sadly that means yet more deaths, displacement and destruction rather than an end to the aggression…

On the domestic front there are a range of stories in the headlines, the right is obviously fearful of Labour leader Ed Miliband as there are two more attack pieces, this time by Trevor Kavanagh in the Sun and Leo McKinstry in the Express, but the top story is the upcoming reshuffle, widely tipped to see a number of women promoted into cabinet positions. Sadly, while the musical chairs is expected to see promotions, with Esther McVey tipped to be the minister for TV [yes really], it is very much a case of too little, too late, even Amanda Platell in the Mail says tokenism won’t fool the voters…

Speaking of which there’s also the launch of the ‘No Vote No Voice’ campaign in the Mirror. The campaign, backed by Unite, is calling on people across the country to register to vote and make a difference at the next election, all the more important with the introduction of individual electoral registration.

Other stories include:

·         The recovery is at risk: Seems like the recovery in jobs for unemployed people is not coming, and pay is also not rising, the Telegraph warns that the world economy is at its most fragile since 2007 while back in Britain while David Blanchflower in the Indie thinks the peak may have passed…

·         Time to cap exec pay: Think tank calls for cap on executive pay as the earnings of chief execs soars to 180 times that of an average worker.

·         Cap on excess payday loan charges: The FT reports the FCA will peg the cost of credit to £30 per £100 loan, that’s still too high for an industry that has tripled in size to £2.8 billion based on exploiting those that can least afford it

·         Cable to fine hostile firms: New takeover rules will see the business secretary Vince Cable say if firms fail to honour their pledges they’ll be fined, like that will make a difference.

·         Don’t be fooled by cheap pay-offs: Gail Cartmail is quoted in the Indie warning blacklisted construction workers to beware ‘cheap pay offs’ ahead of today’s Scottish Affairs committee meeting.

·         Award for Mirror, Trussel Trust and Unite: And finally some good news, the Christmas campaign to help raise money to feed the nation, as well as raise the issue of food poverty, has won a TUC award, the Mirror highlights TUC president and Unite member Mohammad Taj presenting the award to Ros Wynn Jones who write the weekly Real Britain column, well done all…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

Daily Mirror

Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Cameron to sack 20 (p2)
  • 21 names on abuse claims list (p2)
  • Red Ed damned buy union dinosaurs - Trevor Kavanagh (p10) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • £800m found for defence spending (p18) 



Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Germany wins World Cup (p1)
  • Special forces given $£1bn boost (p2)
  • Vote on women bishops still too close to call (p8)
  • Cable gets tough on foreign takeover bids (p12)
  • Cabinet reshuffle (p14)
  • Benefit claimants may be forced to have therapy (p16)
  • Think tank calls for cap to exec pay (p37)
  • Private equity to revive flagging UK oil industry (p37)
  • Farnborough no show for US fighter jet (p41) 




FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Civilians flee Israeli attacks (p1)
  • Woman sought for EU post (p2)
  • Watchdog set to place cap on payday loan charges (p2)
  • Takeover rules to be toughened (p4)
  • Ministers urged to fix top pay as multiple of lowest (p5)
  • Airbus to launch new A330 jet (p17)
  • AB InBev merger talk (p20)  

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