News digest 14 February 2014

News digest 14 February 2014

14 February 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Labour wins Wythenshawe and Sale East byelection with Ukip second - Guardian

·                Unite backs Miliband reforms – Indie (scroll down)

·                Battered Britain - Mirror

·                Tories ditch ‘recall’ of MPs - Indie

·                Lloyds boss gets his bonus despite scandal – Mail

·                easyJet boss Carolyn McCall gets £6.5m pay package - Guardian

·                How not to pay interns: A Tory guide - Indie

Today’s digest opens with good news for the Labour party as Labour’s Michael Kane held on to the Wythenshawe and Sale East seat in yesterday’s by-election with a comfortable majority, it was bad news for the Tories with Ukip beating them to take second place. The Liberal Democrats lost their deposit, as their share of the vote tumbled by 17 per cent. Congratulations to Labour, Michael and the campaign team…

There’s more good news for the Labour party as the Indie reports that Unite’s Executive Council yesterday backed the party reforms in the Collins report, the special conference is on 1 March in London.

The bad news for the government is that the floods continue to feature heavily, with many papers talking of ‘battered Britain’ as they highlight the relief efforts. The government’s role is yet again questioned, after the ‘money is no object’ line earlier this week, it now emerges that prime minister David Cameron is looking to Brussels for flood relief, and this after he pushed out details slamming the EU earlier this week.

And from one U-turn to another and the Indie writes that the proposed power to recall MPs - namely to sack them if enough of the electorate sign a petition – has been vetoed by Cameron and chancellor George Osborne, looks like they are scared of a revolt from the Tory backbenchers, yes we all know Tory backbenchers are revolting, whether it is over Europe, floods, tax cuts or equality...

And shareholders are also revolting. After the furore over Barclays issuing bonuses with one hand and P45s to staff on the other, Lloyds yesterday came under fire for rewarding its chief António Horta-Osório a £1.7 million bonus while thousands of workers have lost their jobs. Unite national officer Rob Macgregor said: "Lloyds has slashed over 35,000 jobs since 2008 bringing misery for staff.Profits have doubled thanks to ordinary workers doing extraordinary work behind the scenes to turn the bank around, but they have been rewarded with an insulting two per cent pay deal  - the lowest pay deal of the big four banks so far. The CEO's £1.7 million bonus, on top of shares worth millions awarded at the end of October is a kick in the teeth to the taxpayer, and to hardworking staff who don't know if they will be next in line for the chop from one day to the next.” Time for an end to the bonus culture at the top and a pay rise for the rest.

And talking of pay the two extremes of society can be seen from the rise awarded to easyJet chief executive Carolyn McCall, the company yesterday backed a 74 per cent pay rise to some £6 million, so much for reining in excess pay packets, thankfully we have progressive taxation to deal with this, except those getting ever richer even got a top rate tax cut. At the opposite end of the field, the Tories attitude to pay policy is highlighted by the Indie which has uncovered a new Tory guide, this one is on how not to pay interns, yes NOT pay interns. The Tories said it was simply trying to be a responsible employer, wonder if there is a mention of the specific time the interns have to go up chimneys too…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star


Daily Mirror

  Sun  (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Officers flagged fears on Mitchell (p2)
  • Osborne gives SNP a pounding (p8)
  • Money bags – sales of sandbags in floods (p9)
  • M&S Rose given NHS job (p15)



  Times  (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Mail bombs raise fears of new Irish terror threat (p1)
  • Ex-Tory donor’s wife gives Ukip £150K (p2) – Unite cited
  • Pensioners get raw deal from annuities (p4)
  • Battered Britain (p8-9)
  • Ex-Lloyds boss could lose bonus (p45)
  • Rolls Royce shares crash (p45)
  • easyJet chief wins 74% pay rise (p47)
  • Homeserve fined (p50)




  FT  (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Lib Dem donor held in Rolls-Royce probe (p1)
  • State workers braced for big cuts (p2)
  • Cameron eyes Brussels flood relief (p2)
  • Former NHS chief to seek remedy for ailing hospitals (p2) [Indie report]
  • Derby train maker adds Crossrail to birthday bash (p4)
  • Downbeat Nestle (p18)
  • Asia looms large in Boeing Airbus dogfight (p20)

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