News digest 14 August 2013

News digest 14 August 2013

14 August 2013

After yesterday’s inflation rate marked a rise in rail fares that over the last five years is almost three times the rise in wages, there’s a lot of coverage of the rising cost of rail travel across the country. It is now cheaper – and possibly quicker – to fly to another European country that to travel by train between major towns and cities in the UK. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey quoted in the Mirror, Sun and Times said: “Ordinary people are being engulfed by a cost of living crisis as yet again Cameron and Osborne sanction wage busting fare increases. The government is woefully out of touch with the struggles of working people who face being priced off the railway and out of the jobs market thanks to the ‘rail rip-off.’ … [this] cannot continue, the government needs to cap rail fares and bring the industry back into public ownership.” What should be case of all change is in reality just more thieves on the line…

And talking of thieves the front page of the Mail focuses on the latest round of political donations accusing the Tories and Lib Dems of ‘robbery’ with a damning headline: ‘Grasping politicians pocket spinster’s £500,000 legacy’’ which refers to a woman’s will leaving her money for the government to spend, note the fact it was government not party, the Tories and Lib Dems have shared out the £520,000 between themselves. The main news is that parties continue to remain reliant on donors, Labour received £3.1 million in the last quarter (including £772,000 from Unite), the Tories £4.1 million and the Lib Dems £801,448. Perhaps the £520,000 donation  should go to a more worthy cause, I believe the NHS could do with some more funds…

And still on the subject of grasping politicians a story on the front page of the Indie shows how Conservative controlled Worcestershire council is considering charging children for the cost of being in care. Yes, really, the council says that in exceptional circumstances ‘outstanding care charges’ could be shifted on to the child as they pass the age of 16, that will really set them up for a good start in life. Sometimes you wonder if politicians live in the real world, but increasingly this is the reality of Con-Dem Britain…

 Morning Star

 Daily Mirror

 Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Unite gives Red Ed £750K in three months (p2)
  • Misery for rail users yet again (p9) – Unite/Len McCluskey quoted
  • House prices up eight per cent in north (p10)
  • E.On hit by 42 per cent profit fall (p41)



 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • South cheated in rail fares hike (p1)
  • Big parties face cash strapped future (p2) - Unite/Len McCluskey quoted
  • Labour urged to bring back ‘grown ups’ (p4)
  • Anger from rail passengers (p6-7) - Unite/Len McCluskey quoted
  • What are the Tories trying to hide? – Paul Goodman [on party membership] (p23)
  • Tell the truth: The NHS will soon be bust – Gaby Hinsliff (p25)
  • Threat to American airlines’ merger (p37)
  • Australian bidders queue for Lloyds (p38)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • $11 billion airline tie up flies into trouble (p1)
  • Rail users attack inflation busting rise (p2)
  • MP tells Cameron to avoid token women (p2)
  • Pickles denies homes stimulus will cause bubble (p3)
  • Barclays reviews UAE business (p17)

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