News digest 11 December 2014

News digest 11 December 2014

11 December 2014

Today’s digest opens with coverage of the strike announcement by workers at housing charity Shelter. The national charity will be hit by a three strike next week after staff were told they could face pay cuts of up to £5,000. Shelter’s main offices in London, Glasgow and Sheffield and smaller ones in Manchester and Bristol will be affected. Unite is quoted in the Times, Morning Star and Mirror, regional officer Peter Storey said: “Our members are fearful that ‘cut rate pay’ will lead to a ‘cut rate organisation’ as managers struggle to recruit experienced replacements on the new lower rates of pay. Shelter’s frontline support and advice workers are the lifeblood of the charity and deserve better than pay cuts while those with huge salaries at the top see their pay protected.” For those wanting to send message of solidarity The strike starts at 00:01 on Tuesday 16 December and runs through to Thursday night.

And from cuts in pay to cuts in general, and Labour leader Ed Miliband will outline his plans to deal with the deficit later today where he wants to offer a “tough but balanced” way of clearing the deficit in the next parliament. Sadly, it looks like more austerity rather than getting tough on the tax avoiders which would generate billions for the Treasury. At least Miliband is expected to condemn the extra cuts that chancellor George Osborne is proposing, sadly the boost from an increase in the minimum wage to the living wage and proper pay for a proper day’s work may be further away than hoped…

And as ever it looks like it may be business as usual for big business after the chancellor’s so-called ‘Google tax’ seems to be a choice rather than an requirement. A number of the papers report on rumblings about Osborne’s plans which if you look at them in detail [especially with the clauses on discretion] could see the corporate giants avoid even more than their [already paltry] obligations, so Osborne goes it alone to back big business, Cameron and his City chums must be happy, but as ever there’s little left for the rest of us…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Warning to Ed on Lib pact (p2)
  • £15bn pill bill (p29)
  • Food giants bully shame (p51)
  • Rate rise ‘big risk’ (p51)
  • BP axes hundreds (p51)



  Times (not delivered)

  • Charity staff set to strike (p20) – Unite cited




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Oil price at five year low (p1)
  • Business criticises Osborne’s ‘Google tax’ (p2)
  • Cameron’s diversity goal suffers setback (p2)
  • Balls toughens borrowing stance (p2)
  • Supermarkets: Day of the discounters (p13)
  • Osborne goes it alone on corporate tax avoidance (p14)
  • Double hit pushes Airbus shares down to earth (p20)
  • BP doubts over growth (p21)
  • Glencore chief raps rivals (p24)  

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