News digest 11 December 2013

News digest 11 December 2013

11 December 2013

Today’s top story is Unite’s call for advertising for payday loans to be restricted to after the nine o’clock watershed. It comes after Ofcom reported a 3,500 per cent rise in debt adverts on TV, and if you think that’s high the APRs on the loans can be even higher. Ofcom reported the rocketing number of adverts means that an average child aged 4-15 saw some 70 payday loan adverts last year. Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner said: “This research paints a horrific picture of a generation of children and young people being groomed into a culture of debt by this bombardment of advertising. It is not just children being infected by this payday loan culture –  research has shown that people are borrowing £660 a month just to pay for the necessities of life – food, housing and heating. The Advertising Standards Authority should give a robust lead in introducing a ‘nine o’clock’ watershed for these payday loan [adverts] … the public is being duped into thinking that getting into debt is an easy option and pain free – quite the contrary … the number of adverts should be curbed.”

And from curbing debt to curbing wages, but for once a challenge to poverty pay as government minister Mark Harper hit back at Domino’s boss Lance Batchelor who blasted the work ethic of local workers and argued he wanted to recruit from abroad. Harper argued that if Batchelor paid his workers more, he might find it easier to attract enough employees. Now if only we can get the rest of the government to think along those lines, judging from his comments expect Harper to be shown the door at the next reshuffle, especially as the Telegraph reports that prime minister David Cameron has a ‘little black book’ of priorities, and it seems the top one is cutting the top rate of tax to 40p. Typical out of touch Tory policy benefiting the few, not the many.

And speaking of the many, don’t forget the Unite Christmas appeal, the Mirror reports it has hit £50K so far, and every pound counts, £3 buys emergency tinned food, £5 buys some nappies, £5 buys some nappies and £25 buys a 3-day emergency Christmas box for 4 people, any amount is welcome...

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  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Cameron’s Mandela memorial gaffe (p1/)
  • ‘Bungling’ ministers blow £7 million on cancelled defence sell-off (p3)
  • RBS #2 bailing out (p12)


  • Migrants to flood in (p1)
  • Britain facing £438 billion state pension timebomb (p2)
  • Mandela memorial (p4-5)
  • EU’s Robin Hood tax ‘is set to wreak havoc in City’ (p23)
  • RBS director defects (p57)


  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Fracking gets green light (p1)
  • Cameron’s list of key policies blocked by Lib Dems (p4)
  • Gay couples can name the [marriage] day: 29 March (p6)
  • Mandela memorial (p8-11)
  • Payday lender adverts escape curbs (p20)
  • GM prefers a woman in the driving seat (p43)




  • Supermarket aims to win over public to wonky fruit (p1)
  • Cutting top rate tax to 40p is my book of policies, says Cameron (p2)
  • Mandela memorial (p4-5)
  • Payday loans advertised on children’s TV (p11)
  • Coalition to fast track same sex marriage (p17)
  • Labour could become the party of marriage and the family – Mary Riddell (p26)
  • New blow to SFO as bribery case collapses (b1)
  • Factories benefit from recovery (b4)
  • Axing Heathrow as hub ‘would risk 70,000 jobs’ (b5)

  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • BoE champions bundled debt (p1)
  • Women stuck in executive slow lane (p3)(p)
  • MoD rethink under fire (p4)
  • GM appoints female chief (p1)
  • Tesco to launch current accounts (p20)
  • Costa Coffee fuels Whitbread growth (p26)

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