News digest 10 September 2013

News digest 10 September 2013

10 September 2013

TUC Congress features in many of the papers ahead of Labour leader Ed Miliband’s speech to delegates this morning (expected at 11:30) – although much of what he will say has been preannounced. After two successful fringes yesterday Unite also pushed forward motions on the banking sector and challenging the austerity agenda calling for mass industrial action to challenge the Con-Dem cuts. Unite executive director of policy Steve Turner backed the People’s Assembly and the national protest planned for 5 November. Calling for a day of disobedience Steve castigated the government which had created the conditions for five million to be on social housing waiting lists; two-and-a half million without a job, and 400,000 using food banks every week, said Steve: “We are the seventh richest nation on our planet and if we have money to propose war on Syria, we’ve got money to wage war on food banks; to put our people back to work; our children into school and university – not debt and despair – and to provide dignity for our elderly. It is up to us – not just to fight back industrially, but to build a mass movement, a coalition for change.”

Away from the TUC and chancellor George Osborne gave a keynote speech yesterday arguing that the UK economy had not just turned a corner, but had been ‘saved’ by his actions. Sadly that’s a bit like putting a vampire in charge of a blood bank with Osborne sucking ordinary workers dry to pay for top rate tax cuts. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey - quoted in the Mirror - said: “Ordinary people are still fearful for the future … it is sad that you have a government locked into a particular ideological philosophy that brings so much hurt and pain to ordinary working people.” The simple question for working people is: ‘Are you better off now than you were four years ago?’ – expect the answer for the vast majority to be a resounding “no” as this recovery is only for the rich…

 There are two more Unite fringes at today’s #TUC13. At lunchtime in the Bayview Suite at the BIC is Chile 40 – The birth of neo-liberalism from 12:45. Chaired by Unite’s Diana Holland speakers include Dr Francisco Dominguez, Chilean exile, author Richard Gott, Steve Hart secretary of Chile Solidarity in the 1970s and Maria Vasquez-Aguilar, chair of Chile 40 Years on Network. There’s also a lunchtime fringe (also at 12:45) on Unions and Communties: Re-establishing the link at Tregonwell Hall 2, BIC. Speakers include US community organiser Arnie Graf, Unite head of community Liane Groves and Unite community coordinator Kelly Tomlinson.

 Morning Star

 Daily Mirror

 Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Miliband’s the fall guy (p2)
  • Unite tax loophole (p2)
  • Strike call fireworks (p2) – Unite/Steve Turner cited
  • Obama opens door for deal on Syria (p4)
  • BBC bosses savaged over payoff scandal (p6-7)
  • Jobs boom expected (p40)
  • Crashing start for new TSB (p40)



 Times (no links all stories behind paywall – not delivered today)

  • Syrian chemical weapons offer is glimmer of hope (p1)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne declares victory in economy battle with Labour (p1)
  • Heated debate puts BBC governance in spotlight (p2)
  • Osborne underpins claims for Plan A (p3)
  • Miliband defies union critics (p3) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • London seeks extra tourist cash (p4)
  • Miliband, like most of the left, misread Lehman – Janan Ganesh (p13)
  • Toyota green car sales at tipping point (p21)
  • JLR invests £1.5 billion in Jaguar models (p21)
  • TSB’s rebirth marred by tech glitches (p23)

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