News digest 10 November 2014

News digest 10 November 2014

10 November 2014

There’s a mix of stories this Monday morning with the Miliband [non] leadership challenge still exercising many of the papers [mainly the right –wing ones], the Telegraph and Mail are harshest, but even the Guardian says Labour leader Ed Miliband’s backers are making the situation worse as has the comment from an aide that Miliband may have ‘lost the public’s confidence’. As ever the Mirror highlights how the big guns are aiming at the rebels [who have yet to come out in public] while the Sun says the plot has been ‘canned’ and even Trevor Kavanagh says that prime minister David Cameron’s dithering will hand the keys of Downing Street to Miliband and that’s probably the crux of the matter as the right fears a Labour government...

Cameron is today addressing the CBI outlining a new £15 billion investment in roads [so much for his green credentials], but Miliband is expected to challenge the government over Europe putting the spotlight at the troubles at the heart of the Tory party. The Labour leader is expected to throw the cat among the pigeons at the CBI conference by accusing Cameron of ‘flirting’ with an EU exit. And home secretary Theresa May has said the UK could quit the EU if “we don’t get a better deal” [yep, she’s on leadership manoeuvres too]…

And talking of a better deal it’s rather bad news for chancellor George Osborne. After a weekend where he was slammed for saying he had a rebate on the EU bill (he hadn’t really), the FT front page makes grim reading saying if the chancellor wants to meet his 2019 borrowing goal he will have to double the austerity cuts to £48 billion a year. So if you vote Tory on top of the £25 billion in cuts every year for the past four years, you’ll get double that for the next five meaning all government departments will be slashed by a third. So as the Tories claim the recovery is working, the reality is that people are working harder and getting poorer, even the Mail reports that with families struggling to pay the bills mothers are being forced back to work while the Guardian reports that a third of borrowers would struggle to pay their mortgages if interest rates rise, so the call from the CBI should be to give Britain a pay rise, but we’ll only believe it when we see it [not so far]…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Labour ‘axe Ed’ coup is canned (p1)
  • Osborne pouts cat out in reshuffle (p2)
  • Dave’s dithering will let in Ed – Trevor Kavanagh (p6)
  • Four hurt in ferry crash (p11)
  • £15bn roads boost (p24)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Scandal of men failed by prostate cancer care (p1)
  • Miliband has lost public confidence, aide admits (p1)
  • Mansion tax will be a catastrophe, peer warns (p4)
  • Cameron ditches green strategy in roads revolution (p9)
  • Press watchdog won’t throw its weight around (p17)
  • CBI accused of bias over European cash (p39)
  • Free banking not a fair deal, claims challengers (p43)
  • SABMiller looks to refresh parts Heineken could not reach (p44)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne faces doubling austerity cuts to £48bn to hit targets (p1)
  • Miliband looks to Europe in business pitch (p3)
  • Jim Murphy interviewed (p4) – Unite cited
  • Investors sue Lloyds over losses from HBOS deal (p21)

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