News digest 1 November 2013

News digest 1 November 2013

01 November 2013

The Daily Mail continues its campaign as the lapdog for Lynton Crosby and the Conservative high command continuing to dig up supposed ‘stories’ about Unite, today’s front page combines Miliband, millionaires, militants and thugs, but for the first one it could describe a Daily Mail editorial meeting. Anyways, as other right-wing papers like the Times and Telegraph follow up on the Mail story, for a fairer and fuller picture of Unite, leverage, Grangemouth and fighting back the FT carries a comprehensive interview with Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, running with the line: ‘Len McCluskey may be of the left wing but is not a strike happy militant’ and quotes Len as saying: “I have never met a worker yet who liked being on strike. It is always the last card in the pack.” Len also threw down the gauntlet to prime minister David Cameron to repeat his comments about the former Grangemouth convenor Stevie Deans outside of the safety of the House of Commons. Unite said: "The Bullingdon bully who used parliamentary privilege to hound a decent trade unionist yesterday should not be lecturing others. He should make those comments outside of the Commons and then see what the courts make of them … David Cameron should know that it was not union action which shut down the Grangemouth refinery, but management decision. Unite is working to give that plant a future - statesmanship would involve trying to calm the situation, not to wind it up with provocative comments just because his attack dog advisor Lynton Crosby tells him that's the advantageous thing to do." Don’t expect Cameron to respond, he’ll probably be scanning all the gossip on former editor of the Sun Rebekah Brooks and his former spin doctor Andy Coulson who almost all the papers report were having a six year long affair, the Indie covers it best as: “The affair they didn’t expose“ bet there could be more revelations to come…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

 Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Brooks and Coulson had six year affair (p6)
  • Leader: Unite hate mob (p8)
  • Fatcat’s pay deal blasted (p50)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • £1m payoff, then NHS brings back managers (p1)
  • Business fear Miliband’s shift to the left, says CBI chief (p4)
  • Union builds warfare list (p4) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Memo to big six: Cut your prices now – Philip Collins (p25)
  • Shell planning new Artic expedition (p55)
  • North’s financial frailty shows (p58)
  • Pub jobs under threat (p61)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • RBS plans major overhaul (p1)
  • Union boss defends Grangemouth dispute action (p2)
  • Len McCluskey may be of the left wing but is not a strike happy militant (p2)
  • Energy secretary hits at big six (p2)
  • HS2 on track (p3)
  • Fear of housing bubble (p4)
  • Exxon struggles for growth (p19)
  • Sony cuts profits outlook (p20)
  • Direct Line in talks on sale of tracker (p22)
  • Morrison’s beefs up team (p23)

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