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    News digest 2 October 20122 October 2012

    The Labour conference continues to dominate the political headlines with strong interventions from union leaders and many attacking the party for backing the Con-Dem's public sector pay freeze. Unite's Len McCluskey told conference that asking the poorest to make further sacrifices is the road to political ruin with his speech getting the biggest cheer of conference so far.

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    News digest 1 October 20121 October 2012

    The Labour party conference is the main story across most of the newspapers with Labour leader Ed Miliband giving a strong interview on the Andrew Marr show – challenging Marr’s frequent interruptions - as a precursor to a day of debate. Unite helped set one of the key themes of the day...

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    News Digest 18 September 201218 September 2012

    The top story in many papers is the proposed wholesale change to the education system with Gove finally informing parliament of his plans to axe GCSEs and replace them with a new ‘EBAcc’ aimed at ending grade inflation. The main threat is what looks like the return of a two tier system. The papers have different angle with the Telegraph calling the move a true test to restore the faith in exams, while the Guardian is more guarded with the sketch opting for Dumbing up the system. GCSEs will go from 2015...

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    News digest 17 September 201217 September 2012

    British Social Attitudes survey: “Bad news for Osborne, most voters want more spending.”

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    Unite news digest14 September 2012

    Most of the papers delve into the details of the proposed defence merger between BAE and EADS announced earlier this week.

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    News Headline29 August 2012

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    News digest 4 April 201429 August 2012

    Miller should go, RBS breaks its pledge, repealing the gagging bill and the nightmare of Boris as PM and president