Unite/CPHVA Awards 2015

Unite/CPHVA Awards 2015

30 March 2015

A health visitor who spent Christmas in Sierra Leone caring for Ebola sufferers is among those who have been recognised in the Unite Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association (CPHVA) Awards 2015.

School nurses, health visitors, nursery nurses and community teams came together on Friday 27 March at Oxo2 in London to celebrate the extraordinary achievements and work of CPHVA members across the country.

Hosted by CPHVA professional officer Gavin Fergie, the annual awards celebrate community healthcare professionals working to improve the lives of the children and families they serve. This year’s event also incorporated the Local Accredited Representative (LAR) Awards and the MacQueen Charitable Trust Awards for the first time.

The prestigious ceremony was proudly sponsored by Public Health England, Pampers, Johnson’s Baby, Mothercare, Kellogg’s, Community Practitioner and Ten Alps Publishing. Shortlisted nominees and winners are as follows:

Sponsored by Johnson’s Baby

Carol Sibbald – ADHD Nurse Prescriber, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, N Ireland
Carol has recently moved to the post of ADHD nurse specialist and having completed her nurse prescribing she is now providing an excellent service to children and young people with attention deficit disorders. She has a vision for the future and in a short space of time has implemented many significant improvements. She has introduced a transition clinic in partnership with Adult Mental Health for young people moving from Paediatrics to Adult Mental Health for management of ADHD.

Alison Lewis – Family Nurse, Warwickshire Community Trust, Warwick
Alison started her career as a Health Visitor developing a project for homeless people. The primary aim was to improve access to primary care for all homeless people in the area at a time when a large number of refugees were being placed in the borough. Alison established a notification system between health and housing, enabling access to GP and health services. She was then funded to establish a health and play project.

Catherine Nixon – Health Visitor, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Oldham
Catherine is described by her colleagues as selfless, courageous and caring. She has recently been to Sierra Leone with UK Meds to the Save the Children Ebola treatment centre. She left her family and colleagues to work as a nurse with other volunteers over the Christmas period, with long shifts and physically and emotionally demanding work. Cath has now returned to the UK but is struggling with the isolation and recuperation period and also that her colleague is seriously ill in hospital with Ebola. Cath returned to work as a health visitor in 2014 after spending 2 years with VSO in Nepal, working with women and children, setting up clinics and influencing health practices.

•    The Community Practitioner of the Year winner is CATHERINE NIXON

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Naimh Hanlon – Health Visitor/CPT, Whitby Child Health, Whitby Hospital
Niamh has been a health visitor and a community practitioner teacher for many years and is exceptional in all the work she does. Niamh is also health and safety rep and a LAR rep. Niamh goes above and beyond her duty to advocate and represent her profession. She advocates for all the needs of all of her clients and isn’t afraid to be outspoken when she feels services are failing them. Niamh campaigned to improve the social care services within her area which were drastically lacking.

Shakila Shah – Health Visitor, Northenden Group Practice, Manchester
Shakila has devised ‘A just for you programme’ which is an additional package for highly vulnerable parents who love their children but are blinkered to the damage being inflicted by their varying dependencies. It is this individualised approach that empowers and gives parents back their self-belief. Her more recent research has been into cultural differences and she has developed guidance notes for health visitors.

Sheila Lally – Specialist Health Visitor for Gypsies and Travellers, South Gloucestershire
The main focus of Sheila’s work is to reduce the health and social inequalities experienced by Gypsy and Travelling families. She delivers a health visiting service to mainly nomadic families when they stop in South Gloucestershire and helps families access local services. Sheila also delivers Gypsy and Traveller cultural awareness training to midwives, health visitors, school nurses, students from all disciplines and in GP surgeries to practice staff

•    The Health Visitor of the Year winner is SHAKILA SHAH

Sponsored by Mothercare

Sue Patterson – Community Nursery Nurse, Soham Health & Social Care Centre, Cambridgeshire
Sue shows commitment, dedication and devotion to her role. Nothing seems too much trouble, and she will always go that extra mile. People think very highly of her team and the work that they do. Sometimes things can often go unnoticed and are taken for granted, which is why it is important to give people like Sue the recognition they deserve. Sue has also been very supportive and helpful when collaborative work was needed, particularly when dealing with Child Protection when there were both older and younger children concerned.

Sarah Rowland – Community Nursery Nurse, North Cotswolds Hospital
Sarah has worked in the heart of the community she lives for 6 years now. She crosses that very difficult line of living where you work with the utmost professionalism and has the trust of the community. Sarah has been a very active member of a working party introducing Ages and Stages Questionnaire developmentals. Over Christmas Sarah devoted days of her own time delivering Christmas presents and food parcels to those neediest families that we work with. It was because of this dedication to her work that over 100 children had a big sack of presents from Santa to open. She is much valued and highly skilled and we are a lucky team to have her.

Amelia Wilson – Specialise Nursery Nurse, Seaside View Child Development Centre, Brighton
Amelia has worked within the child development team for sixteen years. She has devoted her career to working with disabled and disadvantaged children and her work in promoting their play has transformed their lives and those of their parents. The support she gives to parents on their journey through the path of acceptance of a child’s disability makes what can be a painful time so much easier. She is never afraid to share her knowledge of child development and enriches the experiences of medical students on their community paediatric placements.

Becky Sears – Community Nursery Nurse, Quedgeley Clinic, Glocestershire
In the last few years when the clinic has experienced many challenges and a time of significant change, Becky has always been 100% reliable, hard-working and enthusiastic and is willing to do over and above what is expected of her. The recent ‘Call to Action’ put even greater demands on our team and Becky showed kindness and helped the students a great deal.

•    The Community Nursery Nurse of the Year winner is SUE PATTERSON

Sponsored by Kellogg’s

Yvette Bynoe – Senior School Nurse, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
Yvette is currently an experienced senior school nurse, working part time. She is an enthusiastic team leader, available at all times even under pressure. Yvette is a leader that gives her time to listen and offers full-hearted advice. She knows how to delegate well and follows guidelines and protocols in detail. She is a very good example of the professional standard of nursing that needs to be illustrated to any new team member.

Angela Lovatt – Specialist School Nursing Practitioner, Stockport Foundation NHS Trust
Angela gives over and above her role as a school nurse and works extra hours in her own time to make sure that she keeps children safe and their medical conditions are addressed with the school’s staff. Last year Angela successfully completed the School Nurse Practitioner degree which required her to take a reduction in her salary to complete her studies. Angela shows a special kindness to the children she works with and has a very caring understanding attitude towards her staff in her team.

•    The School Nurse of the Year winner is YVETTE BYNOE

Sponsored by Public Health England

South Warrington 0-19 Years Team – Grappenhall Clinic, Warrington
The team encompasses Health Visitors, School Nurses, Nursery Nurses and Clinic Support Workers and the framework allowed a better understanding of each other’s role and their combined contribution within the 0 to 19 service. They devised an action plan, discussed ways of working with the wider community. The main challenge was ensuring that all staff were signed up to the plan and motivated and that they had the time and resources to implement the action plan. Time constraints to continue projects within the team due to demanding case- loads and staffing levels was overcome by individuals taking charge of smaller tasks.

NINES (Northern Ireland New Entrance Service) – Maureen Sheehan Centre, Belfast
This project was set up in 2012 to provide a regional, holistic service to support the health and social well-being of new immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees entering Northern Ireland. Since its introduction it has sought to provide outstanding care for BME and asylum seeking groups and this has allowed for the expansion and enhancement of existing TB screening services within Belfast Trust including: a comprehensive health assessment, health promotion, immunisation services and screening for communicable diseases. A client held passport has been developed in five languages to enhance communication between primary and secondary care.

Early Year Mental Health Specialist Team South Tyneside – Southwick Primary School, Sunderland
This innovation and community team initiative highlights resilience as a key concept when working with young children to improve their emotional wellbeing and reduce anxieties. This team is really making a difference in this area. Initially a pilot study was undertaken with a group of children aged 4-7 years, with symptoms of differing anxiety issues. They received group intervention and Fun Friends, over a period of 12 weeks and a developing sense of self-belief was celebrated. All children demonstrated improved anxiety scores post intervention. This programme has now gained national interest.

•    The Community Practitioner Team of the Year winner is NINES, BELFAST

Sponsored by Unite in Health

Sharin Baldwin – Clinical, Academic and Innocations Lead, Health Visitors Clinical Academic Hub, Northwick Park Hospital
Sharin is a trained nurse, midwife and health visitor. She worked as Professional Lead for Health Visiting in Harrow for over five years, where she developed an integrated model for delivering the 2-2.5 year health reviews in Harrow, to ensure best use of professional resources and expertise. This was presented at the CPHVA conference. Sharin is passionate about public health and preventative work and has completed MSc degrees in Community Health and Professional Healthcare. She is a Queen’s Nurse and is currently working as the Health Visiting Clinical Academic Lead.

Alison Waite – Head of CONI Programme, The Lullaby Trust
The Care of the Next Infant (CONI) programme, set up by The Lullaby Trust and run in partnership with the NHS, is the UK’s only maternity support service for bereaved parents. It not only aims to increase the confidence of parents devastated by the death of their previous baby, the service seeks to improve the life chances of some of the country’s most vulnerable babies. Alison was instrumental in setting up CONI and has lead the team since the programme began in 1988. Alison works with and trains health visitors to act as local CONI Coordinators, to ensure each family receives a support package tailored to their particular needs

Ruth Chittenden – Local Manager for North Lincolnshire Newborn Hearing Screening Community and Therapy Services
The Newborn hearing screening programme was established 10 years ago and it has become a very successful community model. It is a high quality service that meets and exceeds the
national standards for the programme. Good practice and clear communication, along with
effective support and management strategies are key principles for this programme to be
successful. Ruth as the team co-ordinator is a strong role model for the team and for the health
visiting service and ensures the programme is a success.

•    The Community Practitioner Team Manager/Leader of the Year winner is ALISON WAITE

Sponsored by Ten Alps Publishing

Ruth Heffernan – Programme Leader/Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Community Studies, University of Bolton
Ruth is an experienced Health Visitor who moved into lecturing at University of Bolton in September 2013 at a time when the HV implementation plan was at its peak. She quickly adapted to her new role to become programme lead. Ruth works tirelessly to provide an excellent, supportive and nurturing learning environment for the students that she supports. Her experience of both practicing and subsequently teaching through the ‘Solihull approach’, alongside a sound appreciation and understanding of neonatal behavioural observation, complements her extensive experience in practice.

Martha Gibbons – Practice Educator/Health Visitor, Northenden Health Centre, Manchester
Martha has been health visiting for over 27 years and still holds the same infectious enthusiasm for her role as when first qualified. Over the years Martha has diligently channelled her aspirations, passions and enthusiasms into training and nurturing student health visitors, showing her genuine leadership talents and curving the future for her beloved profession. She has spent countless hours researching evidenced-based practice and liaised seamlessly with various universities. Her commitment and inspiration towards her practice teaching role has undeniably contributed to two of her students being nationally recognised by CPHVA as student of the year finalists in 2012 and 2013.

Jennifer Kirman – Course Lead SCPHN, Lecturer in Public Health Nursing, Oxford Brookes University
Jennifer is not your typical university lecturer. Not only is she young and gets mistaken for a student based on her looks, she is the most passionate and enthusiastic person which rubs off onto her students. No matter how much stress you are under lectures from Jennifer never fail to make you think; challenge yourself and practice; and most importantly engage with the topic (and having a good laugh along the way). Jennifer is very intelligent and knowledgeable about what feels like everything, but she is still easy to engage with. Jennifer is much more than an educator. She also visits us all in practice to support us and our practice teachers which means that she has to travel many miles.

•    The Educator of the Year winner is JENNIFER KIRMAN

Sponsored by Community Practitioner

Karen Heggs – Health Visitor, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Sale Moor Health Visiting Team, Manchester
Karen is a warm and caring person who has supported fellow students on the health visiting course with their personal difficulties while also maintaining a high level of dedication to her studies. Karen even undertook a book review on public health during her second semester of training. She received training on perinatal mental health and identified a gap in practice where there was not available literature on the services that health visitors could refer woman to that were suffering from mental health issues, in the area where she worked. She then collated this information and distributed it to her team and the wider service. Karen as a professional has grown within her leadership skills and demonstrated in her practice and academic work a strong ethos of the voice of the child. Her ability to manage complex interactions with families is exceptional, considering her stage of training.

Emma Cummings – Health Visitor and Internship Research Student, Tarleton Health Centre, Lancashire
Emma has embraced learning and searches out ways to make her learning relevant to practice.
She champions perinatal mental health and user participation within the team and she is able to
utilise these to influence her research. Emma draws upon her mental health nursing to inform her
decision making process helping the ladies on her caseload to receive the right support at the right
time and from the right person. She uses a calm leadership style when she is cascading information
from her learning and this influences changes in practice for other health visitors. She has now
achieved an internship award for study at UCL to develop a prestigious NIHR application for a PhD
research into listening visits and outcomes for mothers and babies.

•    The Student of the Year winner is KAREN HEGGS
The CPHVA Awards were organised by Ten Alps Publishing, 1 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1NU.

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