Unite calls for Post Office pay talks, as members reje...

Unite calls for Post Office pay talks, as members reject offer

19 March 2013

Unite is seeking an urgent meeting with Post Office management, after 75 per cent of its voting members rejected its pay proposals for three separate groups of workers.

Unite represents about 900 members working for the Post Office.

Unite officer for the Communication Mangers Association (CMA) Brian Scott said: “Unite members have clearly indicated that the proposals by the company are unacceptable. We will now be seeking further meetings with the Post Office to discuss its approach to pay. 

“We hope that the company will recognise the feelings of our members and will respond positively with an improved offer recognising the contribution Unite members make to the Post Office.

“Our members have made it clear to us that it is not only the Post Office proposal that is unacceptable, but the way the employer has handled it.  The heavy-handed approach of the Post Office has not gone down well with our members. Its approach to pay adversely affects our members’ pensions and this is not acceptable

“Unite is seeking to meet again with the company as a matter of urgency to find a solution to this issue that remains outstanding from 1 July 2012 when the pay award was due.”

The union undertook a ballot on the pay proposals for three distinct groups of members and the results are below:

The Post Office pay proposal, which was due on 1 July 2012, was for a three-year unconsolidated (non pensionable) lump sum payment, an average of seven per cent of pay in the first year and five per cent of pay in the following two years in the Post Office Crown Network and an average of 2.5 per cent of pay for two years for the other two groups. 

These proposals were overwhelmingly rejected by Unite members.

Crown Network – in a 49.6 per cent response rate, 63.4 per cent voted to reject the proposal

Non Crown Network (Admin) – in a 43.9 per cent response rate, 80.4 per cent voted to reject the proposal

Supply Chain – in a 74.7 per cent response rate, 95.6 per cent voted to reject the proposal.

Overall the response rate was 49.8 per cent, with 75 per cent voting to reject the Post Office proposals.


For further information please contact Brian Scott on 07970 471910 and/or Unite senior communications officer Shaun Noble on 07768 693940 

  • Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with 1.5 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.