Unite welcomes agreement to tackle low pay across NHS ...

Unite welcomes agreement to tackle low pay across NHS Scotland

24 March 2016

Unite Scotland has today (Thursday 24 March) welcomed an agreement between the Scottish government, health boards and the joint trade unions to tackle low pay across NHS Scotland.

The agreement will see a phasing out of Band 1 posts which are capped at £16,132 a year, allowing around 4,000 NHS Scotland staff the opportunity to progress to Band 2 status where they can earn up to £18,503 a year.

The issues of low pay and pay disparity across NHS Scotland posts were brought to the fore in the recent hospital porters’ dispute between Unite and NHS Tayside, which settled in June 2015 after a four month fair pay fight.

Unite Scotland senior regional officer Gordon Casey said: “The agreement has been a long time coming for thousands of staff who deliver vital services at the coalface of NHS Scotland but find themselves mired in the low pay trap.

“It’s a clear acknowledgement from the Scottish government of a long-standing issue that had to be addressed to demonstrate that everyone who works across our health service feels recognised and valued for the important job they do.

“What the agreement also underlines is that good employment relations between government, management and trade unions improve the lives of working people, not just in terms of remuneration but also in terms of personal development.

“This is good news for NHS Scotland and its workers, good news for patients and good news for the economy.”


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