Unite seeks answers after Crewe crane fatality

22 June 2017

Unite, the UK’s largest construction union, is seeking urgent answers after a crane collapse in Crewe killed two workers and injured several other people.

The accident happened yesterday (Wednesday 21 June) at Dunwoody Way in Crewe on a residential construction site operated by Seddon. It is understood that a small tower crane which was being erected collapsed.

Unite national officer for construction Bernard McAulay, said: “At this time our thoughts and condolences are with the families of the workers killed or injured in this terrible accident.

“We are currently examining if any of the victims were members of Unite and if so, we will do everything industrially and legally to achieve justice for them.

“Workers on construction sites throughout the UK will now have serious questions and concerns about the safety of similar cranes. It is imperative that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigates and as a matter of urgency provides advice and reassurance to ensure that similar accidents cannot and will not happen again.”

The government is cutting the HSE’s budget, by 46 per cent by 2020 compared to the funding it received in 2010.

The fatal accident in Crewe coincided with Unite publishing the findings of a Freedom of Information request to the HSE which revealed that the number of inspections in construction had declined by 14 per cent in the last 12 months. Inspections in the North West declined by 5 per cent during this time.


The reduction in inspection numbers covered the reporting year 2016/17. There were a total of 7,912 inspections during 2016/17 compared to 9,219 inspections during 2015/16.

For more information please contact Unite communications officer Barckley Sumner on 020 3371 2067 or 07802 329235.


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