Unite reaction to Labour Party statement on Falkirk

Unite reaction to Labour Party statement on Falkirk

04 November 2013

Reacting to the clarification tonight by the Labour Party of the status of statements given by the Kane family in connection with the party's Falkirk inquiry, a spokesman for Unite the union said:

"Unite welcomes the Labour Party statement, which confirms that despite all the bluster in the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times, absolutely nothing new has emerged to contradict or undermine the finding of both the Labour Party and Police Scotland that Unite had broken neither the law nor Labour rules in Falkirk.

"The real scandal is the conduct of elements of the national media, which have shown a wilful readiness to disregard any facts which do not fit their anti-union, anti-Labour agenda.

"We appeal to the media to now accept this clarification and leave the people of Falkirk in peace."


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