Time for BA to listen to and address cabin crew's ...

Time for BA to address cabin crew concerns over poverty pay

10 January 2017
BA cabin crew strike action Jan 17
BA cabin crew strike action Jan 17

Commenting on today’s industrial action, Unite national officer Oliver Richardson said: "Going on strike is never an easy decision, so we are pleased with the numbers of 'mixed fleet' cabin crew who have taken the courageous step to take a stand against poverty pay at British Airways. 

"This is a low paid workforce struggling to make ends meet on wages which are among the lowest in the airline industry. It is to the shame of British Airways, a company which prides itself as a 'premium brand', that members of its loyal workforce are forced to take second jobs to make ends meet or turn up to work unfit to fly because they can't afford to take the day off sick.

"Refusing to meaningfully address the concerns of 'mixed fleet' cabin crew and instead seeking to poison industrial relations through confrontation does passengers a disservice and will lead to plummeting morale. We would urge British Airways to listen to our members and address their legitimate concerns over poverty pay."