The USW stands in solidarity with Unite and steelworke...

The USW stands in solidarity with Unite and steelworkers across the UK

22 October 2015

Statement by president Leo Gerard of the United Steelworkers of America and Canada on the steel crisis in the UK. 

Said Leo Gerard: “The United Steelworkers stand in solidarity with Unite and steelworkers across the United Kingdom at Tata, SSI and Caparo who are facing the devastating consequences of unfair Chinese dumping and government inaction. 

“In the United States, Canada and around the world, steel mills are shutting down, devastating communities and undermining the foundations of national economies, as China mercilessly dumps tens of millions of tons or artificially-subsidised steel into global markets.  

“In response to anti-dumping cases filed by the United Steelworkers and the steel industry, the US government has imposed anti-dumping duties, but even with recent improvements in the law, these remedies are too little and too late to save steelmaking communities and the tens of thousands of jobs they create throughout the economy. 

“And unfortunately, many employers are seeking to shift the entire burden of the steel industry's global crisis onto steelworkers and their families.

“Steel-producing countries around the world urgently need a co-ordinated, proactive response by their governments to China's destructive and illegal dumping policies.  This must include anti-dumping measures and specific interventions to rescue endangered jobs and save steelmaking communities.  

“But governments  must go further to embrace an active industrial policy that promotes sorely-needed investment in technology, training and national infrastructure.

“The USW and Unite, together in our global union Workers Uniting, demand that  governments take these actions immediately to save our steel industry.”