Strike ballot looms at Borders Housing over ‘incompete...

Strike ballot looms at Borders Housing over ‘incompetent’ pay cut plans

03 July 2014

Workers at Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA) will ballot for industrial action over unacceptable attempts by management to impose changes to terms and conditions that could cut pay by up to £50 a week.

Nearly ninety skilled tradesmen responsible for maintenance and repairs across SBHA stock are resisting efforts to increase the average working week from 38 hours to 41 hours, with management demanding that workers to do so without pay or overtime entitlement.

Over the last month Unite has put forward a number of counter proposals to SBHA Director of Technical Services, Alan Vass, but attempts for a resolution - both in consultations and conciliation at ACAS - have seen management repeatedly renege on any progress.

Unite Regional Industrial Officer Tony Trench said, “There should be no doubt this increasingly bitter dispute is a mess of the SBHA’s making.

“Time and time again they are shifting the goal-posts on their workers in a blatant attempt to increase working time and change established working practices on the cheap.

“Our members are highly skilled tradesmen delivering a raft of vital services for SBHA and their tenants across the region - they are being shown no respect and they deserve better than to get stiffed out of a modest working wage.

“Unite remains ready and willing to reach a properly negotiated settlement with SBHA to address the organisational challenges at play but we will not have our members terms and conditions compromised by managerial incompetence.”


For further information please contact Tony Trench 07810 157 913 or Peter Welsh on 07810 157 931.