News digest 24 October 2012

News digest 24 October 2012

24 October 2012

Today’s digest opens with widespread coverage of the BBC whose new director general George Entwistle was hauled through the coals by MPs as he gave evidence to the Commons culture committee on the Jimmy Savile scandal. The BBC said yesterday it was investigating serious allegations against nine employees but the poor performance of Entwistle placed mounting pressure on the corporation, although it is argued in some corners that some are using this as an excuse to bash the broadcaster as culture secretary Maria Miller questioned ‘public trust’ in the BBC.

Then again the Con-Dem coalition talking about public trust is probably taking the biscuit as yet another U-turn was announced yesterday, badgers can now sleep more soundly in their setts after the government postponed the planned cull for at least a year.

Also in danger of being culled is the BAE board after investors expressed anger over the failed merger with EADS, but away from the boardroom and in the real world the impact of cuts is continuing to fundamentally change the country. The Labour leader of Birmingham city council Sir Albert Bore is quoted in a number of papers predicting the end of local government as he highlighted the radical result of austerity cuts on Britain’s second largest city. Bore announced another 1,000 job cuts and warned some services would have to disappear altogether as it has to find £200 million more savings than originally thought bringing its total cuts to £600 million, local services across the country are continuing to be snuffed out by Con-Dem driven cuts.

And if there is any doubt that the country is going in the wrong direction a number of the papers report on the plunge in pay after data from the ONS said net income has fallen by 13 per cent over the past four years. There’s a detailed spread on the imapct of cuts in the Mirror while in the Morning Star Unite general secretary Len McCluskey warned of a ‘debt disease’ spreading across the country with people falling into the clutches of pay day lenders, said Len: “We need urgent action from the government to cap extortionate interest rates which pile misery on working people struggling to make ends meet.” That call for a general strike gets ever louder…

Morning Star

 Daily Mirror



  • Fury at threat to jobs from new EU financial tax (p2)
  • Nine BBC workers being in probe (p4-5)
  • Ex Labour voters want migrant limit (p7)
  • Whose fault is it if you can never afford to retire? – Ross Clark (p12)
  • Magner’s US buyout (p50)
  • Eurotunnel sees freight slow (p50)
  • Investor fury at BAE (p50)
  • Whitbread’s rainy record (p51)
  • Hovis firm burnt (p51)
  • JCB builds fourth Indian factory (p51)


 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • BBC accused of blocking Savile expose (p1/6-8)
  • Badgers achieve safety ion numbers (p3)
  • Clegg backs Cameron on EU (p5)
  • Top mandarins to block ‘attack’ on pay and perks (p17)
  • Banks are holding back recovery, warns King (p35)
  • Standing still while women demand equal footing (p36-37)
  • Eurotunnel faces up to life after the Games (p40)
  • How coffee can cut the deficit (p43)

 Indie (limited links due to network problems)

  • BBC DG stuns MPs (p1/4-6)
  • UK drops down gender-equality league (p14-15)
  • Birmingham: End of local government as we know it (p25)
  • Rogue payday lenders to face closure (p27)
  • King signals BoE preparing new round of QE (p51)
  • Eurotunnel gets Olympics boost (p55)


 Telegraph (no links due to network problems)

  • Minister: BBC has lost public trust over Savile (p1/4)
  • State must aid pupils from chaotic homes, says Gove (p2)
  • Delay to badger cull (p11)
  • Compensation delayed for plane passengers delayed for three hours (p18)
  • Boris proves the power of this police reform – Nick Herbert (p25)
  • Apple fails to impress with iPad mini (b1)
  • O2 helps create 30,000 work experience placements (b1)
  • Banks must come clean on debts, warns King (b1)
  • BAE sticks to top management (b3)
  • Whitbread revenue rises (b3)
  • Brussels backs transaction tax (b4)

 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • King says BoE tactics are losing their bite (p1)
  • Minister urges BBC to restore public trust (p2)
  • Starbucks chief denies avoiding tax (p3)
  • Tory MPs fear backlash over loss of child benefit (p3)
  • Council chief predicts end of local government (p4)
  • CBI proposes employee deals that bypass unions (p4)
  • Economy stuck in low gear (p11)
  • Apple’s lean machine (p17)
  • Paris closes in on €7 billion Peugeot rescue plan (p17)
  • Airline lose fight over compensation for delays (p18)
  • Belgian unions fear Ford job losses (p18) – Roger Maddison quoted
  • Restructuring hit cabmaker (p20) – Peter Rose quoted

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 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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