Statement: Unions describe TATA Pension Consultation a...

Statement: Unions describe TATA Pension Consultation as “a sham”

21 May 2015

Steel Committee Statement on Pensions Meeting 

Reps may be aware that the Steel Committee was meeting the company today. 

The company presented the views expressed by employees in the consultation to date. 

The company confirmed employee concerns reflected the issues that the unions had raised in the original negotiations, such as early retirement. 

In the interests of constructive and co-operative engagement, we took the opportunity to ask company representatives, in light of the strength of feedback in the consultation, if there is any change in their position as regards the proposal to close the scheme. 

After a short adjournment, they said that their position remains unchanged. 

This has led the unions to believe that the entire individual consultation process is a sham and that the company has taken no notice of the views of their employees. 

No doubt Tata will try and claim that today’s meeting is an example of the company talking to the unions. But as we have said throughout, talk should be meaningful. 

Today’s meeting was nothing of the sort. 

In light of this flagrant disregard for the views of their employees, all unions are united in their call for members to vote YES YES for industrial action. 

Roy Rickhuss
General Secretary

Paul Reuter
National Officer

Dave Hulse
National Officer

Steve McCool
National Officer